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11 Reasons to Smash the Scale

I couldn’t tell you how much I weighed right now.  No a blinking idea. And honestly I could care less. I have never been a slave to the scale but there have been times in my life when it caused me a lot of unhappiness.  But I see this time and again with my clients who make the change and say it was the best thing that could happen to their mental health. Here are 10 reasons you should throw away your scale, or better still SMASH it! 1. Weight fluctuates. First of all, you will rarely weigh the exact same everyday. In fact, I can put on 3lbs from the morning to the evening and well 3lbs from before my menstrual cycle until after. Weight fluctuates a lot. What you eat and when, not drinking enough water, certain exercise and hormones can impact your body’s water composition and therefore weight. 2. Muscle is more dense than fat. You’re working out everyday to lose extra pounds but the scale doesn’t seem to be aware of it. Don’t freak out. Muscle is more dense than fat, meaning that when you lose fat and build muscle, you may not lose weight but your…

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