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Over 5,000 people have turned to me via our Group Personal Training Classes, Challenges, Body Shape Change Programme and Social Media to help them transform their bodies and their lifestyles.

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This could be you too, in just 4 weeks!

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Listen to our Goddess Testimonials and their transformational journeys, working towards Body Shape Change. 


I have been training with Lisa for over 2 years now and it has completely changed everything for me when it comes to exercise! I have really enjoyed seeing my progression over the years and getting stronger! Lisa’s advice and guidance has been invaluable not only with training with kettlebells but also nutrition. I love being part of the tribe!!




Total Loss: 35 cms / 4kg 

“The training has made such a difference to my life it’s only when I look at the difference in a month I can see I have changed the shape of my shoulders which I am so chuffed about.

I have kept to doing 2+ classes a week and my mood has been great, I have even invested in kettlebells for home. The support from Lisa and all the great ladies gives me such confidence to keep going and for the first time ever it doesn’t feel like a chore it is what I do and what I want to improve on, I no longer stress about my dress size or the scales I work on getting stronger and everything else is falling into place.

Starting with just kettlebell workouts I now am dialing in my nutrition with the Wheel of the Year programme.  I lost 5lbs in just the first 10 days. I have lost my back rolls, muffin top and my second back! But I have gained so much more.  I have upper body strength, a strong core and my legs and back are leaner and stronger.  And now I have a waist too!”



“I joined the Warrior Goddess tribe to help with my back injury. I’d injured my back a few times and had to stop running. I started with the beginners programme then attended 1 – 2 classes per week. It was coming up to Christmas and I stopped going to the studio. I found by Jan ’19 I had gained 14 lbs since the previous year. In Jan I went back to my low Cal diet 1200 – 1400 cals and back to the studio. My weight gain wasn’t coming off. In Feb I became a monthly member still doing my own diet programme attending 4-5 classes a week- still my weight remained the same.

In Feb Lisa announced the the 90 day sexy strong challenge. The challenge was kicking off in March so I decided to give it a go and become a VIP member . I wasn’t really convinced carb cycling would work. To be honest I was terrified I would gain weight. I had to eat 1900 – 2500 cals. 

Before the challenge kicked off I read and read and re- read all the information on the carb cycling plan. I needed to understand the plan to give it my best shot.

The first 30 days passed I started to notice a difference in my body, mood and health. The second 30 days passed friends and family and fellow goddess started to notice the physical changes to my body. I am now on my 5 challenge. I have lost 14 lbs ++ but I’ve gained a body which I am proud off. My health has improved from hormone imbalances, improvement with my psoriasis and my mental health.

I love kettlebell training as I am constantly being challenged, improving my fitness and strength. Lisa has a special knack of keeping all the classes interesting and fun!

The support from the tribe is genuine. Each member has a common goal : to better ourselves.

In order to get the best out of the carb cycling plan you must first understand it, then commit to it.

Then you need to step outside of your comfort zone – share your success on our fb page or feel silly asking a question. Not that any questions is silly! I guarantee you will receive a very warm reply.

I haven’t reached my own personal goals yet. 

So if you decide to take up the challenge. I’ll be here to keep you company.”

-Kathy, 43.


Sooo, I am on my 3rd 28 day Challenge… I have to admit last month I didnt stick to my carb cycling for a few reasons but I am still amazed at my results… It has made me realise my potential and what you can achieve when you want to, when you push yourself and most importantly when you have support!!

I am posting back photo’s as this was my goal… To build my back, shoulders, triceps and Glutes…

My personal goal… do one full push up!!!



STATS Before/After

Swings/m 45 (8kg)/ 45 (16kg)

Squats/m  31/ 37

Planks 1.18m/2.31m

Wall Sit 1.10/6.36m

Press Ups 20 /35


Body Shape Change:

Loss 18.5 cms / 3kg  (almost 3% body fat)

Gains 5cm across both triceps


Laima says: ” Super excited and happy to see and feel my body changing. It’s just about small steps, but going forward and staying strong. I’m super happy with where I am now and excited to see what more changes the next 28 days can make “




STATS Before/After

Swings/m 35 (12kg)/ 39 (12kg)

Squats/m  38 (8kg) / 42

Planks 1.30m/1.50m

Wall Sit 3.15/5.30m

Press Ups 5 /7


Body Shape Change:

Loss 10.5 cms / 1kg  

Shirelle says “I’m so so pleased to feel myself becoming leaner and tighter and less wobbly!”




STATS Before/After

Swings/m 25/30

Squats/m  20/ 30

Planks 50s/1.15m

Wall Sit 1.20/1.20

Press Ups 9 /20

Total Loss: 21 cms / 2kg 

Challenge Winner Charlie says: This was my first challenge & it really taught me a lot about nutrition & what to eat & when. It was great to pair up,as we gave each other lots of encouragement & upped our game in class to try & get the coveted stamp,but in turn we pushed ourselves. I have definitely lost inches & feel stronger,I am pushing myself to consistently lift heavier bells. I also feel the benefits of the change in my diet,have more energy & don’t feel the need to snack. Thanks Lisa for pushing us!”



STATS Before/After

Swings/m 25/30

Squats/m  20/ 30

Planks 50s/1.15m

Wall Sit 1.20/1.20

Press Ups 9 /20

Total Loss: 21 cms / 2kg 

Challenge Winner Joanne says: Have found feeling of happiness and motivation to strengthen my core and back. Great classes and fun to be part of the tribe!”



Total Loss: 35 cms / 4kg 

“The training has made such a difference to my life it’s only when I look at the difference in a month I can see I have changed the shape of my shoulders which I am so chuffed about.

I have kept to doing 2+ classes a week and my mood has been great, I have even invested in kettlebells for home. The support from Lisa and all the great ladies gives me such confidence to keep going and for the first time ever it doesn’t feel like a chore it is what I do and what I want to improve on, I no longer stress about my dress size or the scales I work on getting stronger and everything else is falling into place.

Starting with just kettlebell workouts I now am dialing in my nutrition with the Wheel of the Year programme.  I lost 5lbs in just the first 10 days. I have lost my back rolls, muffin top and my second back! But I have gained so much more.  I have upper body strength, a strong core and my legs and back are leaner and stronger.  And now I have a waist too!”



STATS Before/After

Swings/m 34/37

Squats/m  20/ 29

Planks 50s/1.30m

Wall Sit 1/1.20

Press Ups 7 /10

Total Loss: 16 cms / 4lbs 

Our challenge winner Lynsey: “I started training with Lisa and her kettlebells in July last year. I’ve finally found something that I love and is ‘my thing’. Having started with one class a week, I became a member of the tribe in November and stepped my classes up to at least 2 a week. The Glam and Slam challenge gave me that extra push to try harder, lift heavier and eat cleaner. I got up to 4 classes per week which felt great! I tried my first Strong class and chest pressed 16kg which scared the life out of me but the results were amazing! My arms have never been so toned and after attending 2 curvy classes a week I am starting to see some definition on my stomach. That’s something I never thought I would see! I also enjoyed my first Warrior class in which I swung a 16kg. This challenge will keep going for me to attend more classes and get stronger!

Oh and I lost 4lbs!”

Lynsey is a mum of 2 and runs her own business but always makes time for this ‘Me Time’ and looking after herself and her Warrior Goddess Body.



STATS Before/After

Swings/m 25/29

Squats/m  20/ 24

Planks 1.30m/1.45m

Wall Sit 1.10/1.30

Press Ups 4 /10

Total Loss: 18 cms / 5lbs 

Our recent challenge winner Claire: “The challenge gave me incredible motivation….but, more importantly, so much education! I learned a lot about carb cycling and the best way for me to eat and fuel my body….I realised I often don’t eat enough which was a total breakthrough. Thank you Lisa for giving me the focus, determination and a fab month of training and eating yummy food.”



STATS Before/After

Swings/m 40/50

Squats/m  28/ 35

Planks 1.50m/2m

Wall Sit 1.15/2.30

Press Ups 30 /40

Total Loss: 14 cms / 2kg 

Challenge Winner Kareli says: “Getting back to exercise is already a win, have really enjoyed getting stronger and feeling motivated plus having more positive energy! Love this journey with myself!”



STATS Before/After

Swings/m 44/46

Squats/m  32/ 38

Planks 1.10m/1.19m

Wall Sit 46s/1.02

Press Ups 17 /29

Total Loss: 19 cms / 10lbs 

“I really enjoyed this challenge I wanted start 2019 off as I meant to continue and this was the perfect way to do it. Having to post what I was doing/eating kept me on track and stopped me slipping back into old habits. There was a lot of stress at work and having make time for self care each day was really good for me even if it was something as simple as taking myself off to a quiet corner and read a book.

Although there has been a physical change the thing I notice most is my mood has completely changed I’m happier and  more confident, I’m looking forward to continuing my journey in the coming months with the knowledge I have gained in this challenge.”



STATS Before/After

Swings/m 41/45

Squats/m  34/ 40

Planks 1.32m/2.01m

Wall Sit 45s/1.04m

Press Ups 19 /29

Total Loss: 7 cms / 1kg 

Jacqui Duffin received a special runner up prize in our Glam & Slam Challenge.

“I decided to do this challenge as I had just recently started my kettlebells journey and I thought this was the next natural step. I found the workouts easy to follow and I was able to manage them within my week.

Food wise I struggled sometimes with getting in the protein I needed as I help my mum look after my dad a few days a week and I just ate whatever mum had or made me. I now start each day with hot water and lemon rather than tea and I make sure i get my 30g of protein in my breakfast. I take either protein shakes or smoothies each day. I enjoyed the carb cycling and adapted some of the food more to my taste as I am not a big fan of fish etc.

The best thing about this challenge was the support not only from Lisa but the other goddesses who either persuading me to do more classes or encouraged each other with exercises etc or just to chat. I mostly did 2 classes a week and with their encouragement moved to 3 classes which i would like to continue. I now swing and do doubles with heavier bells.

I really enjoy my classes and new friends that I have met from this and I will continue to learn and develop from this challenge.”



STATS Before/After

Swings/m 40/46

Squats/m  36/ 42

Planks 1m/1.30m

Wall Sit 2m/2.30m

Press Ups 11 /13

Total Loss: 6cms / 4kg 

“I could see my body getting leaner and my tummy trimming.  I feel stronger now and my arms are also leaning out too.  And over Christmas too.  I feel pleased with the results in just 6 weeks.”


Most people who knew me 10 years ago are shocked by where I am today, why?

Since 2008, I have lost 15lbs, am wearing a bigger dress size to accommodate my curvy butt and legs, drink 3 litres of water a day, overcame my IBS and gut issues, have broken my addiction to sugar, have incorporated training into my daily schedule either with workouts or yoga, am 100% gluten, dairy and meat free and can lift some seriously heavy weights in addition to being more flexible, mobile and strong. I meditate almost daily for up to 30 minutes and drink a green Proothie everyday.  I changed my body from Frumpy to Fierce and have a body I am Proud of at 42.


“The one big thing I can say about fully embracing this plan is that I am now in control of my appetite and free from the power of blood sugar highs and lows and all the associated bad food choices, binges and sugary “fixes” which have led to me putting on weight, even though I thought I was eating healthily. The key is the protein. And then there’s the carbs. And then there’s doing the sweaty exercise properly! Lisa takes you through all of it and makes it easy to understand and easy to follow. There is a heck of a lot of information in this programme. It’s all really well mapped out and explained. You can go deeper if you like to do that or take a simple approach if you prefer. There are quick easy to get into exercise plans you can do in your own bedroom if you can’t get to her classes (which are also a breath of fresh air btw!). There are daily menus and recipes which are not only quick and easy but really really tasty. I love my food so this is very important to me. Let me tell you this: when you follow this plan you do NOT feel like you’re on a “diet”.
For me this is a really different way of looking at what you eat and when, but it works and when Lisa takes you through it, you understand it too. And as I said at the top, once you get the hang of it, you’re not hungry. I’m fact I haven’t been old-me “hungry” since I started to follow the plan properly, even on the fasting days! This means I’m not jumping on crisps, buns, bread and sweets when I feel like it. I’m aware of what I’m eating and making the right choices. That feels really good!
I would say if you want to do this, it’s easy to follow but you should read around it a lot, get prepared, be organised and commit. It works. I lost 11lbs in 28 days, I feel so much better about myself and I’m now in control of my appetite. Go for it and give it your all, it’s totally worth a bit of planning and a new way of thinking to set you up with lifelong healthy eating habits. I’m now also getting my confidence up with swinging kettlebells, feeling stronger week by week and seeing my shape change. People have remarked on my shape just narrowing in. It feels great to be going the right direction and the 28 Day Plan gave me the motivational kick up the arse and day by day hand-holding plan I needed to make the change happen! I highly recommend if you’re serious about changing your eating and adopting a healthy approach to food, without starving or depriving yourself. It’s fantastic!”



Cara had a goal.  Her sister’s wedding. She was chief bridesmaid and wanted to look good for such a big event.  She set her mind on it and grinded.  Working harder than any of half her age.  She is our Strong Granny, our Grinder, our Event Planner, our Rampager and is always the life and soul of the party and deserves every bit of her success with this whole body and lifestyle transformation!



STATS Before/After

Swings/m 36/40

Squats/m  33/ 36

Planks 1.30m/2.10m

Wall Sit 2.45m/2.55m

Press Ups 0 /7

Total Loss: 2 inches from waist & 2 inches from hips / 1.2kg 


“The benefits for my body have been incredible! For the first time I feel ownership of it, like I can coordinate my movements and I am not afraid to practice in the group, much less self conscious! I am stronger, can hold a plank and wall sit longer. I am fairly certain my form for push-up has improved and I can do 7 now, 4 before October, 0 before joining the tribe. I feel taller, stronger, more confident and happier. I have more energy. My daughter recently exclaimed ‘OMG look at your butt’ when I came home from class, she swore it had lifted :))

I feel so well taken care of by you and this this little community. I hope to be part of it for years to come and gradually become healthier and stronger. Thanks Lisa x”



Down now 5 dress sizes and looking better than she did on her wedding day (her husband’s words, not mine!)

And then let’s talk about the fact that she can now not only walk after her battle with plantar fasciitis but doing sprint circuits in the pool and running on grass in addition to single leg pistols off a chair and single leg deadlifts with a kettlebell.

“I am Mary Beth. Started 15 months ago. Could barely walk. Recovering from a foot injury in both feet (plantar fasciitis). Have tried to lose weight with nearly every programme under the sun since I was 40. I’m 57 now. I tried all of these quite diligently: The Zone. Body For Life (Bill Phillips). Eat for Life (Harvey Diamond). Anti-inflammatory diets. Blood type diets. Training for triathlons (little ones, called sprints) which DID work in my 30s. After 40, nothing worked long-term. Now this. I am taking off weight and keeping it off and found a LIFESTYLE I can sustain. Love how I feel. Love how I am looking. Love who I am becoming.”



“After a major dip in confidence and fitness, I decided to sign up to Lisa’s Beginners Kettlebell course and I haven’t looked back since. I have completed her Online Bootcamp and have just completed the Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Workshop and I couldn’t recommend them all highly enough. Who would have thought getting strong, fit and kick-ass could be so empowering and so much fun!”



“‘I have biceps, a flat stomach, the makings of a sixpack and I feel amazing! I struggle with all day energy and sleeping well which can affect how I eat and exercise but this programme helped with all of that and I am motivated to keep going.”



“I had two big babies (First was a girl Miya at 9lb 15oz and then a little boy Ethan 10lb 13oz) and I never lost the weight in between as I was always just so tried but I knew I needed to do something. I’d tried most of the usual Monday promises such as “This week I’m going to be super healthy…starting Monday”. This was the typical Friday night resolution.

I really wanted to make a difference in my life and now I feel I have! The plan just seemed to fit right in with my day and along with the support and advice from Lisa it was doable. Not only have I managed to achieve a 10 pound weight loss within 3 weeks but I feel great. I’ve got more energy and lost the sluggish feeling that had become too normal. I’m getting compliments on my complexion and have dropped a dress size.”



‘‘I can see it in my clothes that I have lost weight. With small changes to what I was eating, regular exercising with Lisa both 1-2-1 and her classes, I have dropped several dress sizes and am fitter than I’ve ever been before.”



“I’ve just completed this 28 day programme and honestly have never felt better! I have always found it hard to stick to “diets” and boring exercise routines but this programme is completely different. It is not a diet – it is an easy to follow, structured eating and exercise plan which really delivers results. I have lost 2.5 inches off my waist in 4 weeks, 2.5 off my bust which is great because I can now fit into nice clothes and bras! I also lost 1.5 off my lower tum which I never thought would be possible and an inch off my hips too. That’s a total loss of 7.5 inches in 4 weeks – I’ve dropped almost 2 dress sizes as a result and have more energy than ever before. The recipes are easy to follow and if you can get into the habit of meal prepping and being organised in advance then you will find that you can follow the meal plans without any problems. I’m actually enjoying exercise now! The kettle-bell routines and exercises that Lisa demonstrates in her videos are awesome and leave you feeling super strong and pumped! I cannot recommend this highly enough – go for it – you will be glad you did! I plan on making this plan a permanent way of life – excited to watch my body changing in a healthy way! Thank you Lisa!!”



‘‘Literally this programme has changed my life. I have had trouble losing the weight I gained during my pregnancy. Belly fat is my biggest problem and through the programme I feel really positive with more energy level I used to have. I had much less negative thoughts and it was easier than I thought. And the results speak for themselves. Plus my posture got more straight so I feel my back is stronger.”



“Lisa, I just wanted to send you a quick thank you note for your inspiration at the beginning of my healthier life journey. To date and after only 7 weeks I have lost 9lb. This was my no means hard, I was never left hungry and even by the end of the day I still had enough energy to get me through the evening homework, dinner, next day prep madness. In my mind I only made small changes but they amounted to big changes to my body. I have never looked as good and felt better about myself. Good luck on what is looking to be a very busy year for you, your dedication to your career is very inspirational and I hope this rubs off of many other mummies as it did to me.”



“I am pleased with the results! I always have more energy after Lisa’s classes and now I have gained cm’s where I have wanted to gain them. It definitely improved my posture which was great as I do slouch a lot. I will recommend Lisa to anyone as she’s a great motivator”



‘‘Lisa, I wanted to let you know my progress- I lost 4 KGs thus far so the plan was very good easy to follow I’m finished this week . Foods were very convenient no out of this world food so it was good in that sense. Would recommend to anyone!”



“I’m so pleased with the inches and fat I have lost during this plan.  I never felt the need to cheat or fall off because of the food I was eating and because of the feast day which I loved.  I now have a new love and understanding of my body and how good it can feel and have been so inspired I am now doing my fitness and personal trainer qualifications.  Can’t wait to keep on this new healthy lifestyle path, lose the rest of my post baby weight and see just how awesome I can look and feel.  The results are so addictive and motivating and so is Lisa!”



“I could see my body getting leaner and becoming more defined – (being told I looked like my 10 years ago self). Learning more about nutrition and the importance of eating “real food”. Understanding more about processed foods. I got a good energy boost I used the recommendations for better sleep, being more organised, etc was great to feel more in control. Realising I was in control and to keep moving! I LOVE the sprints on low cal day, so empowering (I’m not big into running but loved this) and I have muscles! I love being a size ten again after years!”