Below I’ve put together a collection of useful articles to help in your quest to balance your hormones whilst losing fat and build muscle over 40 with kettlebell training and our unique approach to eating we call – Eat like a Woman.

Helping to provide education and support during each of the stages of life for a woman including perimenopause and menopause as well as your usual menstrual cycle and how best to train and eat to harness your hormones and turn them into your superpower.

It is important to realise that fat loss requires both good nutrition and also sensible and consistent workouts.


My most popular Hormone related articles in relation to Eating & Training as a Warrior Goddess:



And my best resources delivered in our Hormone Balancing Bundle BONUSES for our Sexy Strong program:

  • Metabolism & Hormone Masterclass
  • Feminine Power Masterclass: are you in sync with your moon cycle?
  • How to Train and How to Eat during your menstrual cycle



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