Why women over 35 get better results from home workouts

A busy mum or a busy professional (or both)? Here’s how you will benefit from a home workout!


I see one big limitation that stops women from being consistent in their workouts.


It is guilt. Home workouts and online programs can cut through that one big limitation.

  • First one is the guilt of “I should be doing something else”.

I get it, you’re a busy mum or a professional (or even both!) who prioritizes her kids and career first. So kettlebell training is perfect for you because it can be fitted into the little crooks and crannies of your day.

All it takes is just four to ten minutes  (and the longest one you can do is probably around 20 minutes) and you are done!

It’s actually better to do shorter but high-intensity workouts with bigger breaks than one blasting of one-hour workout per week. If you’re putting all your “exercises eggs” in one basket of an hour per week, you will not get anywhere near the results you’re looking for and you’re gonna do yourself more harm than good in the long run because for women post 35 you’re gonna put your body under more stress. I talk about this more on my “When to push and when to rest” blog post.

  • The second one is the guilt of “spending money on yourself”.

I used to have gym memberships (I’ve had plenty!) that I’d spend my money on but actually never used (for months!!). If you’ve experienced this too then there’s this guilt, of not only spending money on yourself but also the guilt that you’re not doing anything with that money!

So what we find with our online programmes and kettlebell training is that it’s not only cheaper than hiring a personal trainer because you do it at home,  but you’re more likely to follow it because you have daily emails being sent to you, a support group to check in with DAILY and you wanna get the most out of your investment by following a PLAN that you know works.

How does short and meaningful workouts sound?

I started my kettlebell training at home watching videos just like the ones in our 28  Day Beginners Programme Online  and I was able to see results within a matter of weeks because I was doing short workouts every other day. The results were enough to inspire me and get me excited to do more.

Watch the video below to dive deep into why home workouts will be the best workout for you!


If you’re thinking, “The kettlebell program looks really good but I’m scared of it” then you’re perfect for our 28 Day Beginners Programme Online. It’s all about the process of being a step-by-step beginner so it’s perfect for somebody who has never done a strength training before and for somebody who has never picked up a kettlebell. Regardless of injury or condition or anything that you have it’s something that you can do and progress with because we’re gonna show you how to safely do them and you will build confidence along the way.

Not only you get to achieve a body shape change, but you will also see have a supportive tribe of women who got your back you when you sign up! Yup, even when you’re doing it online! See you when our classes start on the 6th of August! Also, you can catch me live every Monday 3 PM GMT to give you all the Monday Motivation you need! Like my Facebook page so you don’t miss out on it!


“I could see my body getting leaner and my tummy trimming. I feel stronger now and my arms are also leaning out too. And over Christmas too. I feel pleased with the results in just 4 weeks.” – Kate


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