Is there a battle inside your mind of when to PUSH and when to REST?


This Monday Motivation’s Facebook Live is inspired by my own experience of choosing between resting or pushing.

I’m a napper and so one afternoon I closed my eyes and was asleep for 2 full hours. I guess my body must have needed the rest because  I have also been doing extra strength training lately. So I’m at the part of the cycle where my body feels sluggish, tired and it’s hard to do everything. I listened to my body and just rested. I even had a meditation session booked in but I just chose sleep over meditation.

In this Motivation Monday video I discussed:

  • Why rest is more important than exercise to body shape change (yup, you read that right)
  • How stress can burn out your body and lead to more fat
  • When to pull your big girl pants and workout and when to take a sit back and rest
  • Three health care specialists to go to when your body is in need of rest

Remind yourself that the whole point of exercise to be fun fast and effective.

You don’t want to push your body to the point of feeling sick. Use stress in a good way because you can undo all the good works you have done when you push yourself past your limits.

Catch the replay video to learn all about this!

Tune in and let me know in the comments below where you struggle with your own battle of when to push and when to rest.




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