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Outdoor or Garden Body Weight Workout

Who says you need lots of fancy equipment for an awesome workout in under 30 minutes. Try this simple but intense workout for all levels- beginners to more advanced. Give it a go and then let me know.       ROUND 1: Elevated Front Lunges 10 Reps on each level for each leg (almost like a pulse)   ROUND 2: 10 x Alternating Steps Ups 3 Sets   ROUND 3: 20 X Walking Lunges Every 20 Lunges do a 4 Step Bear Crawl 3 Sets   ROUND 4: Elevated Push Ups Start on highest step 10x Highest Step 5x Middle Step 3x Bottom Step and repeat   ROUND 5: 15X Tricep Dips 3 sets   ROUND 6: Sprints 5 Times up and down flight of steps OR Sprinting in place for 4 minutes OR 10 secs ON, 20 sec OFF Use your Tabata timer. If you complete this workout, you can put this special hashtag in the comments below because you are a true WARRIOR GODDESS SUPERHERO…. #SUPERHERO Want more body weight workouts you can do from the comfort and safety of your own home or garden? Download our FREE 21 Day Body Weight Workout Plan here.

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Stop Buffering your Feelings

“Buffering is using eating and drinking to place a big old bandaid over your anxiety and stress.”   Buffering- the act of using a bandaid to not feel your feelings.  Using things like comfort eating, drinking or bingeing on TV to ‘dull our edges‘ is the exact opposite of what to do if you have anxiety or too much stress right now. I learned about the phrase of buffering from from Brooke Castillo the creator of The Life Coach School.  She explains it ‘as one of those things that we do in order to not fully experience our lives. And the reason why we don’t want to face the truth of our lives is because we don’t want to experience any type of negative emotion.’ She goes on to say: “We feel entitled to feel happiness and pleasure all of the time but the problem is that Constantly feeling pleasure and happiness is not natural. Part of the reason for this is because we’re constantly bombarded with ways to feel pleasure: “You should go eat something. You should go buy something. You should go drink something. You should go pay for something that will bring your pleasure.” [listen to her podcast…

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Did you do those fitness DVDs in the 90s? No….

“Free Online Home Workouts are the Fitness DVDs of the 90s…. Did you do those? … No, then you are not likely to do the home workouts either. Harsh truth! If you have been following me for a while now you might know that I claim to be the laziest fitness professional out there.  I’m not naturally athletic nor internally motivated. And yeah, I bought those DVDs and did I ever actually watch them? No, I did not! The only time I ever watch and followed one was when I met the person creating her own Youtube content who told me about kettlebell training.  I bought my plastic, sand filled kettlebells and got to work. What changed for me was knowing that it could work, could work for me and they were short 10-15 minute workouts. She was able to show me a way that me- someone really unfit and unmotivated- could stick to something, get results and just feel good about myself. But it was because these workouts came as part of a programme.  A step by step process.  And I had accountability from the community. Really! I got in my best shape ever 7 years ago from home…

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This is the Perfect Time for you to Get in the Best Shape yet

This is a blessing that maybe right now you can’t see.  Let me tell you why this might be the perfect time for you… Honestly, I know that this is an uncertain time and emotions are running high.  We are proving as much support, motivation and even free workouts to help you stay sane during this time. We are really showing up for you and our community. And if you think about it- it’s exactly what you wanted. More time with your family – yup. More time with your loved ones- yup. Time at home and time to look after and care for your home- yup. And more time to focus on you- moving your body and cooking and preparing food. No more school runs or empty time driving to and from the gym. That time you wanted to work on your hobby or read more- yup.   And I honestly think it’s also the perfect time to focus on you and why not use this time to get in your best shape yet!   Really! I got in my best shape ever 7 years ago from home swinging my kettlebell in my living room- FACT! If you want some…

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[Free Workout] Access this FREE 4 Minute Beginner Kettlebell Home Workout

You may have noticed something different about my workouts. They are all short. In fact, most workouts are only 4 minutes. There is a very good reason why I keep my workouts short. I want you to finish them. I want you to build workout habits. Shorter workouts over a long period of time are far more effective and kinder on the body than longer, more insane workouts. If you have a busy and stressful life then the worse thing you can do is add a long workout to your day. Why? Long workouts are very stressful, they trigger large amounts of the stress hormones Adrenaline and Cortisol. These hormones create huge amounts of focus and are useful for avoiding very dangerous situations like running away from lions and tigers but are very demanding on the body’s resources. In a world where most people are already stressed out adding additional stress to the body is a recipe for disaster. Harder and longer workouts do have their place. You can use them when training for specific events or challenges but they are not sustainable for everyday use. I’ve said this many times before, the secret to getting strong, lean, fit and…

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How to Stay Healthy and Prepare for the Corona Virus

First and foremost, take a breath. Yes, the coronavirus will spread, but we CAN take preventive measures that will go a long way in keeping our families healthy! The novel coronavirus, which causes the illness covid-19, is at the forefront of the media and everyone’s minds. Some people aren’t worried at all and some countries have shut down travel, business, and social engagements to try to contain the outbreak. Learn how to prepare for the coronavirus! Lighthearted memes and out-of-stock toilet paper have been prominent topics of conversation concerning the coronavirus in the us. There have been wildly varying opinions about the severity of the illness, but what we know is that it’s spreading all over the world and it’s highly contagious. We’re getting rapid-fire updates from the media about who’s tested positive, how many people have been affected, and where travel is banned. We’re seeing an unprecedented response to a unique situation, so what can we do?     HERE’S WHAT WE KNOW ABOUT THE CORONAVIRUS: The virus originated in Wuhan, China and has since spread globally The World Health Organization has declared a pandemic, meaning worldwide spread of a new disease Symptoms include fever, cough, and shortness of…

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What are your goals for 2020?

What are your goals for 2020?   Hold on, let’s back up a bit. I mean, I’ve asked you for your goals but maybe you don’t have any or maybe you even hate setting them. In fact, maybe your relationship with goals is just plain bad, shaky at best. You’ve bought all the planners and journals which still lay empty and ununsed. You’ve done all the resolution exercises or written down your goals. But you never feel like you get anywhere. And certainly, not past January. Your To do lists are endless and stressful and seriously if you HAVE to do one more thing it might just break you. Burnout is something you are honestly afraid of.   Every December I take time to reflect on the year behind me. ⁣ ⁣ This year was a tough one! ⁣ We celebrated 2 years in our studio and I finally finished putting together my new pivotal online course and in the midst of all that greatness I experienced one of the darkest moments of my life when I  finally faced all the ⁣hard stuff with my finances, business and friendships. ⁣ But here’s the deal… ⁣ ⁣ Sometimes the great stuff…

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Say F You to Food Guilt

Women in the UK can spend up to three HOURS feeling guilty about the food they’ve eaten. The study showed 87 percent of British women are consumed with calorie guilt on a daily basis! What??!! I mean 3 hours in their day constantly questioning their choice of what to eat or not eat. Guilt is one of the biggest barriers to women in achieving anything more for their lives- to work on goals, body goals, lifestyle goals, business or career goals.  Constantly feeling bad or bar-rating themselves for their choices to do or NOT do something. BRITISH women will experience 45,990 pangs of “calorie guilt” in their lifetime, according to new research.A new study has revealed a staggering 87 percent of British women are consumed with guilt on a daily basis – about things they have eaten or drunk. The survey of British females of all ages revealed that, despite 66 percent saying food and drink brings them the most pleasure in life, it also brings the most pain – with the average female feeling wracked with guilt twice a day about something they have consumed. We shame ourselves for not working out enough, not putting the “right” food in our bodies, wearing too much makeup, wearing no makeup and a barrage of other negative thoughts. As a part of the “Guilty All The Time” generation, we’re…

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Why I count macros, not calories, for fatloss

Why We Count Macros, not Calories

When it comes to fitness and fat loss, we all have that moment of realization: that aha-moment where we realize we are ready to strive to be the best version of ourselves.   For me, it started in earnest after Josh was born. I decided I was going to be one of those mummies that got their figure back. I began to look for every diet and detox and after a quick Google search provided with everything I needed to know about revealing my very own set of abs: the age-old art of counting calories. Basically, if you consume X amount of calories depending on your age, weight, height, and activity level, you will see Y results. Great! I felt like I had just found the Holy Grail of post-baby body hotness. Using an online calorie calculator, I found my recommended daily calorie intake was 1,200 to lose 1 lb a week. The encouraging part about counting calories is that it is easy. You just keep track of your daily caloric intake and apps like MyFitnessPal make it easy to do that throughout the day and all exercise gets adding meaning you can eat even more if you want. For…

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