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Lisa Barwise

Do you BELIEVE you can do it?

Do you believe you can do it? How much does your belief and your mindset matter in relation to transformation and building strength? How much does our mindset, our belief and our why affect our success? Do you want to develop the belief, strength and body of a Superhero?  Each week we will be going LIVE talking about the power of MINDSET when it comes to achieving your goals. And how my love of all things SUPERHERO have gotten me there! In a landscape obsessed with how we look, I’m obsessed with being STRONG. When you focus on strength, everything else takes care of itself.   When I found kettlebell training, finally my inner strength was reflected on the outside.   There is something epically bad a$$ about swinging a kettlebell or pressing it overhead.  You feel like Wonderwoman saving children stuck in a collapsed building.  Seriously.  When I train with kettlebells I always feel like I am Diana on the island of Themyscira practicing for the day that Ares returns.    So kettlebell training is not just a tool for me but a mindset. Imagine not having to be motivated to workout, imagine feeling amped and excited for your...
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