Sexy Strong

Helping busy women harness the power of kettlebell training to get a body you're proud of with short meaningful workouts and a customised eating approach for the female body.

It’s not about Skinny or Rock Hard Abs


Focusing on what a woman wants. To feel sexy, strong, desirable and confident and a body you are PROUD of.

Proving a safe, supportive and individual approach to female fitness, fatloss and lifestyle.

Training should not be painful, awkward, long, drawn out or boring.  Our lives should not revolve around the pursuit of rock hard abs.

All our training and workouts are based on functional movements, and these movements reflect the best aspects of strength & conditioning training, martial arts and yoga to improve the lives and bodies of our fierce female members.

By employing a constantly varied approach to training, functional movements and intensity, you will see dramatic gains in fitness, strength and body shape change guaranteeing that you never feel overwhelmed, bored or unmotivated when reaching your goals on being the best version of you.

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Want to feel Sexy Strong?
Eat like a Woman | Train like a Warrior | Feel like a Goddess.

Strength Training

Using the strength & power of the Kettlebell to build lean muscle… no bulk to change your Body Shape FAST! Get strong inside and out and become a fat burning machine so you can feel SEXY STRONG.

Fat Blasting HIIT

A programme created from the findings of Dr Tabata and the efficiency of High Intensity Interval Training to get your fitter faster, you will totally love the explosive and fun nature on this style of training combined with kettlebells or just with Body Weight.

Martial Arts

Fat Burning, Conditioning, Muscle Definition and Stress Relieving benefits from Boxing & Martial Arts such as Kick Boxing, Tai Jitsu & Kung Fu. Plus who doesn’t love to feel a little kick ass too!

Mind & Body

Drawing from the best of lengthening and strengthening yoga poses in addition to mindful meditation to focus on reducing stress for maximum fatloss, building a strong body and strong mind. The best way to banish anxiety and tap into the mood boosting effects of both exercise and meditation.


Focusing on necessary nutrition from plants and protein for building lean muscle, optimising energy and guaranteeing fatloss all while giving your metabolism a much needed kick start, learn more here.


We offer support including FREE samples of energy boosting protein smoothies and shakes, power vegan healthy snacks plus access to a FREE 60 page recipe book, prizes,  goodie bags and gifts to take home to optimise recovery and repletion.

The Creator


As a qualified Holistic Health Coach, Naturopath, Plant based Diet Specialist, Vegan Nutritionist and Personal Trainer Lisa is on a mission to support the transformation of Strong Women EVERYWHERE as featured in the Belfast TelegraphNewsletter, Irish News, BAM Mag & GNI Mag. 

Small Gym Studio Finalists in the Health & Fitness Awards NI 2019

NI Social Media Awards Fitness Influencer Finalist 2019

We need more strong.  Strong Bodies, Strong Minds and Strong Characters.

I love helping women to step into their power and take control, whilst being their true and genuine Amazionian selves. Following a unique and ethical lifestyle formula and kick ass exercise, we can not only get lean but get curvy and strong too.


Passionate about her holistic and ethical approach to living a Plant based Diet, Lisa specializes in offering ample resources on becoming more plant based or serving existing Vegetarians and Vegans women to achieve their Body Shape Change goals with understanding Plant Based Carb Cycling and without compromising their beliefs and was recently featured in Newsletter for her experience and expertise in the area.


Lisa is a qualified kettlebell instructor, personal trainer and lover of HIIT Tabata style training to help her clients get lean, get strong and get curvy. The kettlebell is a powerhouse of dynamic strength that is the most efficient and effective tool for women.


Known amongst her clients as a the Fairy Ninja, Lisa is from a family of martial artists, practicing from a young age. She loves kick boxing and incorporating kick ass moves from Kung Fu and Tai Chi into her classes and programmes. She also love Cosplay and representing strong female characters and role models.

Our Coaching Team


We are proud to offer a fully comprehensive coaching team at WGKBT. Coming from a range of  fitness backgrounds, each coach on our team can help you become the best version of you.  Drawing from more than 45 years collective experience and skill of qualified female fitness instructors with passions in martial arts, martial arts fitness, strength & conditioning training, yoga and kettlebell instructing, you are in safe hands.

We need more strong.  Strong Bodies, Strong Minds and Strong Characters.

Join the Tribe


The Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Training Studio based in Owen O’Cork Mill in East Belfast is a haven where you can just come to be you, whilst working towards being the best version of yourself.

A true balance of Yin and Yang, Warrior & Goddess, Stylish yet Efficient

We work together to be stronger as a Tribe.

We laugh, we sweat, we chat and we enjoy each other’s company

We drink tea, coconut water and vegan protein shakes

We believe in kind words of encouragement and kicking ass 

We offer a loving, supportive community, with access to resources and tools that work

We track progress with fitness and strength testing and regular challenges to keep you motivated

We prioritise self care with emphasis on Epsom salt baths, essential post workout recovery routines, Meditation classes and our bimonthly Walking Club.

We have regular social events and outings including Afternoon Teas, Spa Days and Meals.

Providing a holistic approach to your body and lifestyle goals with meditation, yoga, nutrition, snacks, samples, discounts to the best researched products and lots of Tribe member benefits to save you money and help you to achieve your goals.

I feel so well taken care of by you and this this little community. I hope to be part of it for years to come and gradually become healthier and stronger.

Nicole, 43Belfast

Super excited and happy to see and feel my body changing. It's just about small steps, but going forward and staying strong. I'm super happy with where I am now and excited to see what more changes the next 28 days can make.

Laima, 32Online

I cannot recommend Lisa's classes enough! I hate exercise but I cannot wait to get to the class! Fun, chilled and she is such a little motivator! If you want to tone EVERYWHERE but want to enjoy it and not dread going then you have to get in touch and book! I'm so stressed and busy at work but it's so enjoyable that I always make time to get to her class.

Emma, 41Belfast

I'm very happy with my results but most of all I'm lovin the fact I can eat so much whilst training!

Kathy, 43Belfast

Being part of this lovely tribe is now part of my everyday life the support from Lisa and all the great ladies gives me such confidence to keep going and for the first time ever it doesn’t feel like a chore it is what I do and what I want to improve on.

Gemma, 37Belfast



£ 75


Bring a friend and only pay £60 each

Try the 28 Day Beginners Bootcamp

Guaranteed 10lb or Dress Size fatloss in 28 days or money back.

Delivered in our Studio or Online

28 Day Beginners Programme in Studio take place every 4 weeks at Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Studio, Owen O’Cork Belfast.

Classes are taken consecutively and is a group programme.

Option of 3 Sessions a Week:

Tuesdays, Thursdays 7.15pm & Saturdays 1.15pm

Classes are 1 hour.

You must attend at least 1 beginners session a week but can attend all 3.

Plus unlimited access to our  YOGA HIIT classes per week for additional fitness, fatloss and strength support to reach your Sexy Strong goals in just 28 days.

BOOTCAMP Includes access and daily nutrition support, meal plans and home based workouts through our 28 Day Beginners Programme online called the Warrior Goddess Body programme for Body Shape Change.

Only 2-8 Spaces per class to ensure more personal coaching and reassure beginners.

Must be pre booked online.

Kettlebells provided.

Classes performed barefoot. No shoes and no exceptions.

Step by step programme designed by a women for women, covering the basic principles of using kettlebells safely including proper technique, breathing and relaxation. You’ll be guided to understand safe movement building up your knowledge of moves and cardio fitness and learn to step into your power as a warrior goddess in training building your strength from the outside and inside become stronger and more flexible in body and mind.

You can go as fast or as slow & steady as you like.  However you must attend 1 beginners class a week (any of the 3 offered a week) to graduate.  You can attend ANY or ALL sessions for faster results (access up to 8 classes a week to suit your busy schedule!)

Graduation to our Weekly classes is not assumed. It is earned!

Suitable for complete beginners, those new to kettlebells, new to strength training or those just wanting to get back into fitness after time off.



£ 80

60 days

Join the Tribe for our regular weekly classes…Access up to 18 classes a week at the Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Studio in Owen O’Cork Mill in Belfast.

Come 2-3 times a week but your 10 Credit Pass must be used within 60 days.  No credits can be transferred to the following month.  Unused credits are forfeited.

Booking is completed through our Exclusive Tula App (for iPhone users) or via your mobile browser for Android users.  You can book in up to 1 hour before class starts but must cancel with 4 hours notice- this extra accountability and intention is what makes our Group Personal Training Sessions work.  We notice when you are not there!

Includes access to the Tribe of Kettlebell Warrior Goddesses online community group for daily tips, motivation and incentives, our online handbook and weekly motivational newsletter.

Early Morning, Daytime, Evening and Weekend Classes

No more than 12 Spaces per class guaranteed and must be pre booked online.

Classes performed barefoot. No shoes and no exceptions.

Beginners & Intermediate Kettlebells provided. Access to our Leadership Board and Grading System to track your Fitness & Strength progress.

After attending a Beginners Programme you are ready to progress as a Graduate Warrior Kettlebell Goddess.

Best suited to those focusing on strength & fitness goals, do not like the gym, working shifts, travel a lot or are only able to commit to 2/3 sessions a week and are not focused on Body Shape Change goals as there is no nutritional or VIP accountability support.



£ 85


Apply to become an exclusive VIP Member.  Only 35 VIP spots available every month.

With a 3 Month Commitment and then cancelled at anytime after with just 30 days notice for our locked in best value price or for more accountability and flexibility.

With 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

UNLIMITED Access up to 18 classes a week at the Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Studio in Owen O’Cork Mill in Belfast.

Early Morning, Daytime, Evening and Weekend Classes

No more than 12 Spaces per class guaranteed and must be pre booked online.

Classes performed barefoot. No shoes and no exceptions.

Beginners & Intermediate Kettlebells provided but you are invited to invest in your own kit as you progress beyond this to use at home or leave in the studio.

After attending a Beginners Programme you are ready to become a VIP- APPLY HERE.

3 Month Membership taken via our secure booking system by card payment with no sign up fees, no written contract,

3 Month Membership – is this your season? No cancelling within the first 3 months then you can cancel at anytime with 30 day notice or renew automatically.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. (full T&Cs here).

VIP Unlimited Members get access to ALL our classes and to our pinnacle Body Shape Change programme the Wheel of the Year, plus regular monthly 1-2-1 goal setting & exercising planning sessions with Lisa Barwise and access to our Transformational Challenges worth £1,500 and our Open Gym with your own key.