Time to grab your yoga mat and join us in this workout

Doesn’t matter what phase you are in, why not ROCK this workout today and brag you got it done! This is our signature LEAN HIIT. Combining Kettlebell & Martial HIIT for fast, fun, fat loss! Try this full follow-along workout in your next HIIT and Low Carb Day Workout.

We usually do our LEAN workouts with a Tabata protocol of 20 secs ON and 10 secs OFF- download a FREE Timer app to keep yourself on track.

Only 30 minutes and you will kick off this week with a BANG 💥
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💪 Free 30 Minute Living Room HIIT Workout for All Levels 💪

⚡️ From complete beginners to ‘Swingers’

💪 Short, meaningful kettlebell training and a customised eating approach for women from safety and comfort of your home.

⚡️ Fun, fast, fat loss

💪 Find your Favourite


Join us for our FREE Follow Along LIVE Workout below.

It’s perfect for beginners, only 30 minutes and all you need is a Yoga mat.

Join Bronagh Taylor for this beginner’s workout that is perfect for low impact, high intensity, fat blasting fun!

This is just one of our workouts you get included in our 28 Day Beginners Programme Online!


Watch the full video below and follow along


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