Have you been following a 1,200 calorie diet for years and now you are just not losing any weight?

Would you gain 5lbs every weekend and weigh yourself every Monday and feel ashamed for putting on the weight?

Have you been on a diet your whole life and just sick of how that feels?

In this video we are talking about:

  • Being an endless diet
  • What does it mean to track macros
  • What is carb cycling and what does it mean for fat loss
  • How to make carb cycling work on a daily basis
  • Tips and tricks on My Fitness Pal and planning your meals

Get all her insight, hear about her journey and top tips here!

Blessings to you and remember, I’m rooting for you!

xo, Lisa

Lisa Barwise

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Hi, I'm Lisa. I consider myself a Wellness Alchemist, the catalyst in the transformation of Strong Women around the world. Strong of mind, body and character.

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