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We’re talking about motivation on Motivation Monday kind of like the irony but normally I don’t talk about motivation I actually talk more about body shape change tips etc. but today I’m really excited because it’s September.

I don’t know about you and where you are but September is historically one of the least attended months in my studio. I had been running classes kettlebell classes specifically now for the last four years and September of all of the months of the year is the least attended.

People just don’t show up in September!  I don’t want you to not show up for yourself so I’m going give you some tips today if you are lacking motivation.

We’re talking about:

  • What is motivation?
  • How to get motivated if you’re not feeling it?

Where I want to start is sometimes the one thing that you need to do is not actually working on the the goal that you’re going for.

So yes you want to maybe change your body shape, want to lose some weight, want to feel stronger but in order to even get down that goal path, you need to look at why you are NOT motivated.

Are you tired, sick or in pain?

Here’s the thing: you cannot be motivated if you are tired, sick and in pain.

So having those three things automatically makes motivation difficult. I’m not saying completely you can’t be motivated but it’s so much harder.

What I found more and more especially as I’m dealing with women post 35 and in their 40s they are not experiencing burnout they’re actually experiencing chronic inflammation, disorders, and chronic fatigue.

Here’s a couple of what I call my mojo makers and tips and tricks to help you work beyond that.

In my experience working with women specifically in fitness over the last five years and working as a health coach for the last 15 years, I’ve noticed that us women, well we just keep  go go go go go going.

A lot of us don’t have off switches, don’t know what rest is and what proper rest is. I mean we kind of know this but also there’s a lot more to it than simply “rest”.

You are probably nutritionally depleted and in this way supplements can help! 

So here’s one of the biggest things that I know as a tip that you can do that’s not going to do you any damage and it doesn’t cost you very much. If you will do this, it will make you feel better pretty quickly because normally if you’re sick, tired and in pain a lot of the time it can stem from, not always, a nutritional deficiency.

Magnesium is one of the biggest deficiencies that women have which causes them sleepless nights. It actually is a thing that impairs sleep or can impact your sleep. Magnesium will help your pain and if you also get migraines or joint aches.

This is one of the things that I talk about in my beginners programme.

So let’s start with taking 400 milligrams of Magnesium preferably before bed to help you to sleep now that is one tip I can give you in addition to the other one which is for women specifically post 35 and heading into perimenopause is vitamin B.

Vitamin B-complex specifically because it is like the energy maker. A lot of the time when we are run down it’s because we’re also deficient in vitamin B. Now can you get these all from foods yes you can, but we’re gonna assume that right now you’re super-duper tired that you’re not making good choices with healthy food. You’re not wanting to add more things to your to-do list but by adding magnesium and vitamin B which will cost you 20 quid will have an impact in a couple of days a week you’ll feel more energetic and be able to make some good decisions for your health.

Get into a good bedtime routine.

Go to bed and don’t watch that extra boxset!!

I know you think you need time for yourself and this is time for you to unwind. Self-care is not sexy, lady. Sometimes self-care can be awfully boring and going to bed at 9 o’clock or 10 o’clock because you’re up with the kids the next morning is true self care.

If you are feeling sick, like you’re noticing that your immune system is taking a punch. September is the “sucky sick month” it really is so bad I see it time and time again people getting sick.

This is where you can add a couple of different supplements to help you. We’re going to look at more healthy eating later I promise.

But sometimes you just need to get your mojo back first before you even have the energy to prepare healthy food and this is where that your Omega 3 6 9 supplement is really important for helping you if you have chronic inflammation or any sort of inflammation-based disease things like fibromyalgia and Vitamin D & K, which is essential for your immune system as a woman.

Going from the summer into autumn/winter and the turn of the season it’s so important for you to consume these supplements.

Then the other 3 key things I’m gonna give are tips to keep your immune system in check:

  • From the end of August specifically in the UK and Ireland if you are in this weather you need to be wearing a scarf. I kid you not!  There is so much research and Chinese Medicine rituals behind this statement that it works! Basically the cold and flu bugs come in through the back of the neck and that’s when you feel that little scratchy thing so it starts to fester in there.
  • Ginger ginger ginger. Make yourself some ginger tea. It’s an antifungal as well anti-inflammatory but specifically known for the chest and throat to clear up.
  • Take your Echinacea now!! Echinacea works to strength the immune system to prevent colds and flu and also to shorten their hold.  But it needs to be taken now during a time when your immune system is under attack (and it is, believe me!)

Is this your season?

So let’s just assume now that we have covered those first three points of why you can’t be motivated if you’re sick, tired, and in pain. So now we assume that you feel healthy and you have a degree of energy but you still lack the motivation. Determine if you’re just in that in-between “Hey I need to put my time and effort elsewhere” and so, therefore, ask yourself,“Do I lack motivation or is it that it’s just not my season?” Your season can change next month, in a couple of weeks, but I’m not saying that it’s forever. We shouldn’t really be hard on ourselves if it’s not just not our season.


Also, we don’t always have that internal motivation. Some of us, personality-wise, are more inclined to have an internal commitment or internal accountability and some of us need that external accountability.

If you are still lacking Motivation, well then you just need to find your tribe or a partner you can do workouts with and build that motivation in the beginning and then just watch as something you thought was hard at the start, just becomes a part of who you are!


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