What to do if you are just not motivated

What to do if you are just not motivated?

What is motivation?  Are you naturally motivated? If you’re not naturally motivated what can you do about it and how can you get yourself going? Related: Lacking motivation? You need to hear this. So first of all I’ll share a little story of my own. Anybody who knows me or knew me say 15 or 20 years ago would be absolutely dumbfounded to find out that I’m a not only a personal trainer but that I have my own strength and fitness studio where we have over 60 members and over 300 attendances a month. And that I teach 18 classes a week. I mean from the outside I must look like somebody who’s highly motivated but really I’m still that same girl from 15 years ago and the only way that I have achieved what I have achieved is to learn how to get motivated. Let’s unpack this…   So based on certain personality tests that exist there are people who are internally motivated and people who are externally motivated.   (Note: I couldn’t remember the name of the most recent test I did on the video but it is called Enneagram and you can take the test for…

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