Do As Much As Necessary, Not As Possible

Do as much as necessary, not as much as possible!

One of the topics that have come up so much these days – and I thought that I need to address this via video – is about over-exercising. Or under-exercising. Or how much exercise should I be doing?

I heard this quote once and I’m totally on board with this, “Do as much as necessary, not as much as possible. More is not better, it is just more”.

Doubling your effort does not double your result when it comes to exercise. When it comes to over-exercising (or under-exercising) it’s really about your intention.

Why do you need to exercise?

Most of us feel that we need to exercise as a punishment for what we eat. And most of the time we just wing it, not having a clear goal in mind.

So what I suggest is to find your own Goldilocks Solution and just the right amount of training for your goals, your body, your stage of life and your fitness level.

Also, remind yourself that the whole point of the exercise is to be fun, fast, and effective.

You don’t want to push your body to the point of feeling sick. Use stress in a good way because you can undo all the good works you have done when you push yourself past your limits.

Watch the full video below to get all the juicy info!

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