YES I Want to Develop the Strength, Belief & Body of a Superhero!

I’ll teach you exactly how to feel the certainty and confidence of a super hero and feel SEXY STRONG (even if you feel far from super right now). 



In a landscape obsessed with how we look…



Right now every female fitness programme in the world is focused solely on how we look.  We shuttle women into cardio classes or areas of the gym they find scary and tell them that is where they will find the skinny and best versions of themselves.

Now don’t get me wrong,  I want to look good and I want a certain body shape but for me, it is  more about the strength and the belief I need to build to get there.

During this time of uncertainty,  being in control of our bodies and our mindsets, we need to focus on  building a strong immune system, feeling strong, certain and empowered and just the right amount of kick ass!


Join me and find out why you are focusing on ALL the wrong things. When you focus on STRONG, everything else takes care of itself.  Courage comes from knowing you can do hard things. And confidence comes from building that belief and that sense of certainty.


Witness the Rise of a Warrior Goddess: Discover her true powers and her true destiny

IN THIS 5 DAY PROGRAM we will be sharing with you 5 days of trainings, workbooks and guides to help you to go from Zero to Superhero. (And not it’s NOT A BUNCH OF KETTLEBELL WORKOUTS).


+ How this little, lazy, lost girl turned Warrior Goddess.  From being in pain most days, suffering from IBS, the upper body strength of a T-rex and terrified of discipline-  to a real life Wonder Woman.

+ The exact formula that got me from feeling frumpy to fit and fierce, focusing on building of lean muscle (no, not getting bulky) used by the leanest & strongest women (we’re talking those actresses playing superheroes like “Wonder Woman” Gal Gadot,  “Captain Marvel” Brie Larson, “Black Widow” Scarlett Johansson and even “Terminator’s” Linda Hamilton) that focuses on STRONG but also eradicates mum-tums, back fat and cellulite alike.

+ How to TRAIN LIKE A WARRIOR – not the same as attending weekly Zumba or Spin classes- but perfect for the busy and often unmotivated women who need a short, meaningful workout (that can be done at home or the gym) and also beginners who are seriously anxious at the thought of strength training.

+ How trying to lose weight through diets and starvation is causing a new, hidden epidemic that slowly kills the metabolism and wreaks havoc on women and your hormones, especially over 40.

+How to Unblock Motivation to become unstoppable and invincible and tap into your Courage, Wonder & Power and that inner superhero.





We are not looking for you to be SUPERHUMAN just your own SUPERHERO


This 5 Day Training is a HELL YES if…


+ You’re tried all the trendy diets, constant cardio classes or bootcamps and you know deep down that what you want most is to FEEL good and FEEL STRONG and that the Superhero body is a BONUS.

+ You long for the strength and certainty you see in STRONG female characters, successful women and superheroes. Maybe there is even a part of you that always wanted to be Buffy or Xena Warrior Princess.

+ You’re in your more “mature” years (hello the big 40 and 50) and want to get LEAN & STRONG before it’s too late

+ You used to be in good shape, but you got injured or ill, and you want to get back to feeling healthy, strong and in control.

+ That maybe you have lost your sense of WONDER.  That life has become heavy and hard and that you NEED to do something to ENJOY it. You want to focus on STRONG, having fun, being part of a Sisterhood and Community of Cheer Leaders ready to support you.

+ You have an inner Warrior Goddess total bad ass just screaming to get out and you can’t ignore it any longer.  You need to do something.  You want to feel empowered, you want to feel SEXY STRONG.

This all sounds FRIGGIN AWESOME but I got a question…

Q:How long are the live trainings?

A: We will be hosting a video or training each day for 6 days- some videos are 10-15 minutes and some as long as an hour.  Each video is meant to build on the previous in terms of the teaching, preparing you for what you need and yes there will sometimes be an exercise, a workbook or an action you need to do before the next training.  We suggest you set aside 30-60 minutes each day during the 5 Day program but this will include watching the training, doing your homework and even doing a workout!

Q: Do I need a kettlebell? Will there be workouts?

A: Yes! If you want, it is totally optional as we offer it as a bonus at the end of the 5 Day program which gives you ample time to purchase a bell but also we offer help and guidance in choosing one and of course how to swing! You can start this process NOW with this free guide on our blog: Beginners Guide to Kettlebell Training and Buying your First Kettlebell.

Q: What happens if I can't show up live?

A: Gotta be honest and say LIVE is where the magic happens and where you will get the most from this program- making the commitment to yourself and to be part of the group all participating together. That said, we understand that timezones and schedules and well busy lifestyles make it harder to do that so we do offer replays of the videos and the group is open for 10 days- but don’t let that let you off the hook! Make a promise to yourself and follow through! You deserve it!

Q: Do you run these often? Maybe I'll join next time...

A: How many times have you said this to yourself already? Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today! Everyone of the ladies that join the program wish they had gotten the information sooner, acted on it and made the changes. Don’t let this be yet another thing you end up putting off.

Q: What else do I need to prepare/do/get ready?

A: When you sign up, you will have access to some steps you can use to prep yourself in terms of listening to some of our key podcasts and booking in for a Connection Call with one of our coaches to get you ready to make the most out of the program.  We will cover in detail the steps in our free program guide and PREVIEW training on Day 1. All of this is open to you when you sign up.

Q: I have never lifted a kettlebell in my life, am I strong/fit enough to do this programme?

A: What I love about kettlebells is that they are the perfect beginners strength training tool for women. They are compact, easy to use, effective and inexpensive and you can do so much with them from your own home. I currently have clients in their 50-60s who have never lifted a weight now leaner, stronger and fitter in a few weeks!

Q: Where do I get kettlebells from?

A: I have researched far and wide to find the perfect kettlebell for my goddesses. I have written a blog post about this and a whole video is dedicated to this in the classroom to aid in the process. A beginners kit should not set you back more than $40- maybe only $30.

Q: Is it really FREE?

A: YUP 100% free.  We offer this free program as an introduction to the Warrior Goddess way of life and to learn how we do things.  Ultimately we want to see if we are a good fit for working together and we do this by offering you valuable trainings on kettlebells, nutrition, motivation and showing you our approach and the process we have created to solve your current challenges and deliver on the transformation you are looking for.

Q: Am I a good fit for this program?

A: This program is for women only and the majority of our clients are 40+ and either have not be active for a while or were active previously or have never tried kettlebell training. In addition, this program has been incredibly successful for women who are complete beginners to strength training or worried about injuries or conditions- all with under 2 stone to 40lbs to lose.  The Sexy Strong Program is geared for you to be active 3 times a week and will require commitment to that.

Q: Do I need a gym membership to complete the Sexy Strong programme?

A: No, this is a one of the key benefits of this programme that can save you time and money. The workouts are designed for easy to follow, quick and effective home workouts you can do in your bedroom, living room or garage. If you wish, you could easily do them in a gym with a small amount of space and only have to touch 2-3 kettlebells- making it a super safe way to train.

Q: Am I required to be on Facebook to join the program?

A: We recommend this as a lot of the support, questions and motivation is deliverd in our 24/7 Facebook group. Most of my clients choose to join our Facebook community group for daily tips and accountability. While I do recommend you join the Facebook group, it is not required for participation in the program or our other programs but it may hamper your motivation and success in the program.

Q: I have a back/shoulder/knee injury, how can I adapt the exercises?

A: If you have been passed by a doctor and physio to exercise, then you are still able to workout. All exercises can be modified. You may just need to reduce the amount of reps and exercise more frequently rather than for longer periods of time. 5 x10 minute workouts is better than 1 hour a week.

Q: I have lower back pain, will I have to restrict some movements?

A: Did you know that at least 1 in every 3 of my clients tell me they have lower back pain? What I love about kettlebells is that it is the answer to reverse lower back pain. The exercises will help to build up strength in this area to relieve pain and give you strength.

Q: I don’t want to get bulky from the weights, will they make me bulky?

A: Weights don’t make you bulky, eating cupcakes do! haha What I love about kettlebells particularly is you get strength training but in an easy to use and fun little bullet. This is what you need to get truly lean and toned. It was when Lisa made the switch to kettlebells and strength training, away from endless cardio, that she got her flattest stomach of her life and awesome arms too! If you look at her (all 5ft of fairy ninja) she has been lifting with kettlebells for 5 years and is by no means bulky!

Q: Aren’t kettlebells really heavy? What if I am not strong enough?

A: Kettlebells are designed to help you get stronger in a dynamic and safe way and work on the important posterior kinetic chain of your glutes, hamstrings, hips and core. Most of the moves we do work your lower body primarily. Any upper body exercises we do use a lighter kettlebell and help you to gradually build up the fitness and strength week by week. You will notice how quickly your body responds to these exercises for building strength as well as cardio vascular fitness.

Q: Do I have to buy protein powder or other shakes and pills?

A: We do advocate a Proothie- a protein smoothie as a cost effective and easy tool to help you to break your fast and reach your protein goals each day but this is not necessary if you are willing to eat additional protein and plants. That said, in my experience most women undereat protein by 100% and do not get enough essential phytonutrients in their diet which these supplements can bridge the gap for but it is entirely up to you.

Q: How soon after I sign up will I get access to the program?

A: As soon as you sign you’ll be sent a link to the request to join the Facebook Group.  We open the group 7 days before the start of the 5 day program but you will have access to some key materials before then to do some initial prep to get started right away.

Q: Can you confirm that there are no other charges or “hidden” costs?

A: Indeed we can confirm no hidden costs! That’s it. There are no other charges. No recurring dues (unless you sign up for the our Sexy Strong program on the payment plan). Any other products, supplements, equipment or special deals you ever see from me now or in the future are optional.

Q. Do you really answer questions in the Facebook group?

A: Yes, myself and my coaching team really answer your questions on the Private Facebook Group every single day. Every single member is important to me and if you’re struggling, I want to help you succeed. So if you’re interested in getting personal advice straight from Lisa and the other Warrior Goddess Body Coaches, now is the time to get onboard.

Q: Will this work in my country? I’m worried I won’t have access at the right time or that things won't translate.

A: Yes. We have members all over the world, in every timezone and you can adapt the food choices, recipes or getting equipment near you and make it work wherever you live.  You will have access to replays if you can’t make the lives plus our coaches can help give you guidance of what works near you.

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