[Free Workout] Access this FREE 4 Minute Beginner Kettlebell Home Workout

You may have noticed something different about my workouts. They are all short. In fact, most workouts are only 4 minutes. There is a very good reason why I keep my workouts short. I want you to finish them. I want you to build workout habits. Shorter workouts over a long period of time are far more effective and kinder on the body than longer, more insane workouts. If you have a busy and stressful life then the worse thing you can do is add a long workout to your day. Why? Long workouts are very stressful, they trigger large amounts of the stress hormones Adrenaline and Cortisol. These hormones create huge amounts of focus and are useful for avoiding very dangerous situations like running away from lions and tigers but are very demanding on the body’s resources. In a world where most people are already stressed out adding additional stress to the body is a recipe for disaster. Harder and longer workouts do have their place. You can use them when training for specific events or challenges but they are not sustainable for everyday use. I’ve said this many times before, the secret to getting strong, lean, fit and…

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[Ultimate Guide] 8 Squats you Need to Try with Kettlebells

Along with the kettlebell swing, the kettlebell squat is a huge exercise for hitting all those large muscle groups. Hitting these large muscle groups means a greater hormonal response along with metabolic effect. In other words, great for fat loss and strength building. Paying attention now? lol   The Squat can be categorized as a pushing exercise, and so can be paired with the kettlebell swing for a dramatic effect.   Most women I meet at first do not Squat well. The ability to squat well requires adequate stability, mobility, strength and movement patterning. Taking the time to work on these important squatting aspects will pay huge dividends for your squatting and ultimately your results.   Why you Need to Squat Squatting is one of our fundamental movement patterns. Whenever you sit down or stand up you use the squatting exercise. If you drive a car then you need to squat and twist in order to get into the car. As a baby the squat is one of the main developmental movement patterns and watching youngsters move demonstrates how beautifully we all squat at a young age. Squatting opens and closes the joints of the ankles, knees, hips, and lower...
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Ultimate Guide to the Kettlebell Swing

The Kettlebell Swing is the most important of all the kettlebell exercise but also the one that most of my goddesses struggle to master. And this is why I spend so much time on it with my beginner ladies. The kettlebell swing is based on the deadlift movement pattern and hits almost every muscle in the body.   “If you only had time to do one kettlebell exercise then the kettlebell swing would be my choice.”   Kettlebell Swing Overview The Kettlebell Swing should be thought of as a pulling movement. It targets the posterior chain and essentially you are loading and de-loading the back of the body as you accelerate and decelerate the kettlebell. Be warned the eccentric or deceleration part of the kettlebell swing is what causes muscle soreness so you could be walking like John Wayne for a few days following a good set of kettlebell swings!!     The kettlebell swing is a dynamic – explosive- movement. As the kettlebell descends from the top part of the movement gravity takes its toll and the overall weight of the bell increases, so a 8kg kettlebell will feel much heavier at the bottom of the kettlebell swing.   Also at the bottom of…

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Why Women need to do Kettlebell Training

6 Benefits of kettlebell workouts for women   #1 Conditions muscle but won’t beef you up   One of the first questions I get asked is “Are kettlebells going to make me bulky?” and my answer is that I’ve been trying to get bulky for years! No honestly, you will enjoy being lean, toned whilst still keeping those curves. Effective kettlebell workouts for women are very dynamic and cardiovascular in nature. Although the resistance element of kettlebell training will condition existing muscles it will not cause a huge amount of muscle hypertrophy or muscle growth. Great news for women who wish to add muscle tone without the bulk Plus ladies, you don’t have to worry about looking like a bodybuilder, women have 100 times less Testosterone, the male growth hormone, so it is very difficult for women to put on too much muscle.   #2 Sculpts a Glorious Goddess body   Kettlebell training burns fat and increases muscle tone fast. Most of the exercises are multijoint (compound) movements that link the bottom half of the body with the top half via the core muscles. Great for your abs! The body recruits 100’s of muscles in order to control and maintain balance of…

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Beginner Kettlebell Workout for Weight loss [FREE PRINTABLE]

The Benefits of Working with Kettlebells for Weightloss   You might be surprised at how many benefits lie waiting to be unleashed in this little powerhouse known as the kettlebell.  Let’s take a look at a few below.   1. Full-Body Burn Any time you work with kettlebells, you engage nearly every muscle in your body.  Now doesn’t that sound amazing! Even during the kettlebell swing, which at first appears to primarily work the arms, you’re actually working your core, glutes, back, shoulders, and quads. In fact, your power for the swing shouldn’t even come from your arms, but we’ll talk about that later.     2. Engages ALL the muscles The reason kettlebells engage so many muscles is due to the fact that just by holding one, your body immediately has to engage the stabilizer muscles in your core and low back to remain balanced. This becomes even more pronounced when you start to do asymmetrical kettlebell exercises, like single-handed swings, since they require even more core strength and balance to perform.   But the work doesn’t stop there. The explosive movement of the kettlebell swing, combined with all of these firing muscles, also gives us a hard-core anaerobic…

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