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So today’s episode is a master class on fat loss and sleeps quality; the connection between these two is absolutely profound.



Now I want to start this by saying when we’re talking about fat loss, what is fat? Like the fat that we’re targeting when we’re trying to ‘burn fat,’ what is that actually?



There’s two types of fat, and both of these are hormonally driven. We have subcutaneous fat, this is kind of the layer of fat below your skin.



And then we also have this kind of visceral fat, also known as omentum fat. And the name omentum is
derived from a word meaning apron.



So both of these things are targets for us, but in particular, this visceral fat is especially dangerous. There’s a joint publication of the Sleep Research Society and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, and it shared remarkable findings from a study that tracked visceral fat accumulation using a CT scan for a five-year period.



Now listen to this.



The results found that subjects who slept less than six hours a night over the course of these five years had a 32% gain in visceral fat, and this is compared to those who slept for more than six hours per night, and they had 13% increase on average.



This is more than twice as much visceral fat accumulation due to sleep deprivation.



Got your attention?



So when we’re talking about burning fat, what does this look like?



What does it look like really?



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