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When a podcast not only inspires you, but gives you the kick in the ass you need to take action!

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Episode 25: The Importance of Rest & Recovery with the Ultimate Bedtime Routine Guide

Success in your body shape change or lifestyle change journey is not so much about the setting of big lofty goals but of your habits goals, that routine or those rituals you do every day to get there.   Habits. But also choices and working towards how you OWN...
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Episode 24: “I’ve lost my mojo, please help.”

This episode is about mojo, well move about losing it and having it! The weird thing about mojo is that we think it is some mystical force or energy that suddenly makes us motivated to do something. And this is not the case. So in today’s episode we are...
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Episode 22: Hunger V Appetite

Whilst hunger is the instinct of survival that drives us to feed when the body requires food, appetite is the feeling that we need to eat that is influenced by psychological aspects of the individual concerned (desire to eat for pleasure, happiness, boredom, sadness, anxiety etc)   Hunger is the need to eat. If you‘re hungry, you need food...
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Episode 21: Why Carbs are not the Enemy & My Review of the Keto Diet

Why carbs are not the enemy.  Let’s talk Low Carb Diets… The Keto Diet is one of the fastest growing diets on the market When we learned the truth about process carbs and sugar being the major factors for weigh gain it was easy for food marketing companies to package...
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Episode 19: Carb Cycling – The answer to fat loss in your 40s

Fatloss in our 40s is completely different from our 20s and 30s. In order to truly understand how fat loss works in your 40s, we first need to look at the full picture. That’s what I am talking about in today’s episode. In this episode you will learn: –...
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Episode 11: My own Quarantine Body Shape Change Journey

I’ve just shared on social media my own before and after pictures of my body shape transformation during quarantine over the last 6 weeks. I am not sharing it for you to compare yourself or make yourself feel bad (why would you do that) but as inspiration, motivation and...
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Episode 6: You can’t out exercise a bad diet

We are debunking some myths about diet and exercise and beginning your education in understanding how to eat the right thing at the right time for the right purpose and in relation to your exercise. And finally giving you the information you need so you can stop doing endless...
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Episode 5: 5 ways to guarantee you come out of ‘self isolation’ heavier, more unhealthy and less confident.

5 ways to guarantee you come out of ‘self isolation’ heavier, more unhealthy, less confident, lazier, and with worse fitness levels…and what to do instead This is important. Not only for your physical being, but your mental wellbeing too. I can guarantee that If you don’t start taking action...