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Feeling unmotivated?

You can always start again. You can always change your mind. You are in control of your mind.

Hit the rest button anytime.

If you are feeling a little bit down right now, if you’ve hit that plateau, it’s time to take a pause, – hit that reset button- see where you’re really at with your goals. Then give yourself permission to move to that next level.

Whenever I hit a motivation plateau or progress seems to come to a halt , I make up stories too. “I’ve lost my mojo. I’ve tried everything and nothing works. Maybe this is not for me, maybe I’m just never going to get into shape.”

What you actually need to hear is that ‘it’s normal. It’s okay and you can totally do this!’.

You can regroup and get started again.

Come listen to this episode and how I got my diagnosis and what I am now doing to reach both my body but overall health and lifestyle goals.


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