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When a podcast not only inspires you, but gives you the kick in the ass you need to take action!

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Episode 21: Why Carbs are not the Enemy & My Review of the Keto Diet

Why carbs are not the enemy.  Let’s talk Low Carb Diets… The Keto Diet is one of the fastest growing diets on the market When we learned the truth about process carbs and sugar being the major factors for weigh gain it was easy for food marketing companies to package...
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Episode 13: Eating Healthy V Eating for Fatloss

It is not OK just to guess at what and how much you are eating every day if you want to change your Body Shape, even if your plate is stacked high with healthy, clean food. “I eat relatively healthy” is something I hear every day. But ‘healthy’ or...
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Episode 10: What does over exercise look like for women?

What does over exercise look like for women. First we must address how much or how little exercise to do. How much or what kind of exercise to do. And this is tricky. There are no definitive studies out there that point to the exact science. Or to be...
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Episode 9: The Ultimate Morning Routine Guide

Tips on how to intentionally start your day. The actions aren’t as important as the intention. Choose things in your morning routine you will actually do that are good for you and 6 of my favourite morning routine additions.   Links mentioned in this episode: The Green Goddess Proothie...