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Understand  how you block your motivation and from taking action on the things you know you NEED to do to reach the things you say that you want.
Use this 3 part process to help you to go from step by step into action.
Where am I stuck? How can I move on?
These are all blocks…
– Perfectionism
– Procrastination
– Belief- your thoughts and inner mean girl
– Overthinking and over-anlaysing
– Grass is greener and keep switching programs or teachings
– Not follow the plan- getting bored or distracted
– Not managing your energy- getting burned out or injured
– Not focusing on the right things- not measuring process
– Hiding or keeping head in sand
So let’s start with awareness and acceptance and then you can begin to take action.
Plus we just announced our special Kettlebell Training Getting Started Toolkit here:

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