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“Lisa, how am I doing?”

“I don’t even know if this is working.”

“This is too hard.”

“Surely I should be further on by now.”


These are the questions that surface when you aren’t focusing on the right things. And when you don’t track your progress.


The truth is: If you aren’t measuring your results, you are probably not getting any!


And if you aren’t working with a coach or trainer that focuses on results and measurement, then they probably don’t know how to get you there!


And both of you just want to keep things FUZZY. Because fuzzy well it’s comfortable and safe, right?


To stay committed to the work that matters most, we need to find ways to measure, track and feel good about the progress we make every single day.

Remember, small wins are massive motivators. But we rarely recognize them.

If you have soul sisters who you see spinning their wheels and not getting results and feeling frustrated with the lack of progress, then share this episode out.


Because in today’s episode we’re going to discuss the 5 ways to clearly (and easily) track your progress every day.


Links mentioned in this episode:

– Episode 57: Tiny Improvements, Superhero Results

Episode 47: Goals That Fix Never Stick

– FREE 5 DAY Program: 5 Days to Activate the Superhero 



Links to books mentioned in this episode to grab from Amazon or Audible:

– Mel Robbins, The High Five Habit
– James Clear, Atomic Habits




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