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Learn how we award Unicorn status* and why this magical creature is a symbol.

A  unicorn is a fierce, invincible creature that symbolises the best of  us- the best we can be and honours our unique powers and ability.

To achieve unicorn status in our community is someone who has achieved the goal of 16lbs of weightless or 6% body fat loss in 6 weeks and receives the REFUND for their challenge. That’s right- you will get your money BACK!

But  more important- the knowledge and knowing you can do hard things and be  a total bad ass- the biggest amount of bragging rights ever!

I had the privilege to interview our Unicorn- Stacey Greenstreet – on her magical journey of transformation- body and mind!

*note in the interview I say that Unicorn status is achieved with 19lbs weight loss- it is actually only 16lbs but Stacey lost 19lbs.

See for yourself and Stacey Greenstreet and full details in our show notes here:

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