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Fatloss in our 40s is completely different from our 20s and 30s. In order to truly understand how fat loss works in your 40s, we first need to look at the full picture. That’s what I am talking about in today’s episode.

In this episode you will learn:

– That to truly understand how this works for women over 40, you must first understand Body Shape Change. While weight loss is about the reduction of mass i.e. how much you weigh on the scale. Body Shape Change focuses on the shape of the body, the curves, the leaning out of your midsection and to dewobble your wobbly bits!

– That you cannot ‘tone’ a muscle. You are either building that lean muscle to fill out your shape, boost your metabolism, and burn that fat, or you are not. You cannot turn fat into muscle. You must grow it.

– The increase of muscle mass is a long and slow process and cannot be stumbled upon. That’s to say you will not bulk up just because you are swinging a kettlebell.

– When you lose weight, you become smaller and often skinnier, and the weight comes off places you cannot determine.

– When you focus on building lean muscle you become strong, lean, and curvy and more likely to burn that stubborn fat & cellulite (which is just fat) sticking to places it never used to stick to (belly, hips, back).

– But just as the way you exercise is different for building lean muscle and burning fat (two different types of training), the way you EAT is different for both processes too.

– The amount of calories is important but so is the macro content of that food i.e. protein, carbs, and fat. There needs to be a balance or a proportion of how you consume each of these to reach your body goals.

– Carbohydrates are simply one of the macronutrients you need to fuel your body. Along with proteins, fats, and carbs!

How does it work? Yup, here comes the science.

The concept of cycling your carbohydrates is simply about eating more of less carbs on given days based on your level of activity and needs of your body for fuel and for building lean muscle.


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The 7 Day Carb Cycling Guide

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