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What do you do when you just don’t ‘feel’ motivated to workout? Well let us share a few strategies with you.

What you will learn in this episode:


1. The 5 Second Rule from Mel Robbins

My favourite resource on understanding how motivation works in our brains and how you only have a window of 5 seconds before your brain will try and talk you out of it.


2. Schedule it like a doctor’s appt

If you had a big work day and had to do a presentation or were traveling on a plane, you would plan your day the night before. If you had an appt for your hair, nails, or the doctor, you would plan it weeks before. Don’t even get me started about planning holidays and packing. But when it comes to our body, our health or our fitness, we tend to be like- yeah, I’ll get round to that?


3. Lay things out the night before

When I lived in New York, I lived with another single mum in a shared house with our boys. She always used to laugh at me and say, I’ve never known someone to change their clothes throughout the day as much as you. And I suppose it was true. I had the ‘going to work’ outfit, the going for a run outfit (I didn’t swing kettlebells back then), the lounging and hanging with Josh loungewear, and then my PJs. It’s just another transition in your day. So prepare for it. It’s OK to have modes or transitions or phases within your day and ‘workout phase’ is just one- so be prepared just like you would if you are taking your lunch with you, why not take your workout clothes to put on at the end of work


4. Tell someone you are going to do it so they ask you if you did

This is why community works- our community just happens to be online. Without community, without accountability and without support, women just aren’t as successful at achieving their goals.

Join the free Facebook group to become a part of a community of people on the same fitness journey as you!

5. Pair it with something you enjoy that you can only do when you are doing it

I got this idea from the Four Tendencies Book from Gretchen Rubin and I love it. For some of us, we need external accountability to build our habits. We are not inwardly motivated and that is OK. Sometimes we have to pair it with something we want or like to ‘get it done’.

She suggests a playlist you only listen to while working out, if you are walking an audiobook or podcast you are enjoying while you walk, the treat you get when you complete it of a cuppa or snack you have directly after or only when you have done it, do it with a friend and catch up at the same time but only meet them when you work out.


6. Trick yourself- I’ll just do 4 minutes and I can stop at any time.

I will share with you a story of a penguin in the movie Happy Feet which will explain how my favourite of all the strategies work for me!


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