Let’s start by talking about The Ketogenic Diet

This low-carb plan is intended to put your body into ketosis, a natural process that occurs when you restrict glucose and start burning fat as a fuel source. People on this type of diet usually eat less than 50 grams of carbs a day. Think of it as an even more carb-restrictive, fat-heavy form of Paleo or Atkins, which both glorify protein and fat and villainize carbs.

Upside: You’ll be less likely to consume processed junk if you’re seeking out fresh, whole foods, and you’ll likely feel satiated thanks to the ample protein and fat, even though most carbs will be off the table.

Hormonal Downside: There is conflicting information on the effects of this diet on your thyroid health and much of it concludes that it affects T3 production.  With so many women struggling with hypothyroidism, it’s important to know this can adversely affect you.


In essence, Keto is a diet not a lifestyle.  You can’t do ANY diet longterm.  It basically says, when this diet is over I am going back to eat the way I did.

The Keto Diet also has some serious side effects especially to do with your hormone balance if you are 40+ with those major effects on your Thyroid.

I have seen many of my clients on Keto have terrible headaches, brain fog, constipation and bloating (so you stomach isn’t flat anyway), terrible gas (there goes the chances of feeling sexy) and skin reactions and breakouts (not great for the confidence).

Plus if you fall out of keotosis, it can take WEEKS to get back in.  Seriously, is it worth it?


What if there is a better way to give you the Body you want LONG TERM, with bags of energy, feeling good, proud and SEXY?


A way to balance and reset your hormones over 40 to tap into their superpower so you can get the body you are Proud of.

Carbohydrates are just a macronutrient (yes a nutrient) essential for recharging your body with energy and fuelling it for performance but the issue is that we don’t know how much or when to eat them to ensure we utilise them effectively.


Yes, it is true that over 40 your body responds to carbs in a different way – what we call your Carb Tipping Point – but this shouldn’t mean if you don’t understand this that you just cut them out all together – you still need to consume them.


Plus if your goal is to change your Body Shape, not just shed a few pounds that will end up putting back on when you fall off (because you will as a diet is truly unsustainable), you need a simple and sustainable way to eat (not restrict and deprive.)


So, why consume Carbs?

Simply, they make you feel good and you need this type of fuel to build lean muscle.

Lean muscle gives you Curves, makes you look LEAN and TONED.  Lean muscle protects your joints and strengthens your bones. It makes you look YOUNGER and gives you STRENGTH.

Plus, when you feel good and have energy you are more likely to WANT to do more training which will burn fat and build muscle so it is a win-win.

It really is about optimising your energy and activating your growth hormone -that’s to say your YOUTH hormone (see your listening now) so you can begin to change and sculpt out your Body Shape.


If you are looking to make changes to your Body- to LEAN out, to TONE, to get STRONGER and have more energy EVERYDAY so that you can not only have a great body that you are proud of, but vitality, energy and feel young and youthful to live your LIFE to the fullest, then you need to combine your Strength Training with Carbs and say Goodbye to Keto.

Our Easy Hormone Resetting Plan over 40: Carb Cycling.


Eating the Right Thing, at the Right Time for the Right Reasons.


Strategic food combinations, refeed meals, fasting and simple to follow 7 day guide to get you there.


Example in relation to your Strength Training:


Lunch before an Evening Training Session

Approximately two to three hours before strength training opt for a meal that is:

  • Relatively high in carbohydrates to maximize the maintenance of blood glucose
  • Low in fat and fiber to minimize gastrointestinal distress
  • Ample in protein and fats for a complete and balanced meal 

e.g. Chicken, rice and vegetables, Green Proothie with Juice Plus Complete, Seeds and Nut butter, Quinoa Salad with Tofu.


Snack before Strength Training Session 

Approximately 30 minutes to one hour before strength training, fuel up with a small and easily digestible snack that includes:

  • Simplified protein and carbohydrate foods to aid in digestion and absorption of glucose and amino acids
  • 70 to 75 percent carbohydrates, focusing on low-glycemic foods such as bananas
  • 20 to 25 percent easily digestible protein such as nut butter 

e.g gluten free crackers and nut butter, nut butter and a banana, protein power ball.

This pre-workout nutrition for strength training is still just part of the nutrition equation when it comes to maximizing results.


Eating after Strength Training Session 

In the 30 minutes after training is completed, it’s vital to refuel and recover with effective post-workout nutrition to help replace muscle glycogen, repair muscle damage and rebuild muscle tissue, all in preparation for the next session.


The best post-workout snacks include:

Adequate fluids, electrolytes and energy

  • Approximately 1.0 to 1.5 grams per kilogram of body weight (0.5 to 0.7 grams per pound of body weight
  • Example: 150-pound individual would consume approximately 100 grams of carbohydrate within the first 30 minutes post-exercise
  • A small amount of protein paired with the carbohydrates provides amino acids to help reduce inflammation as well as build and repair of muscle tissue 

The optimal carbohydrate-to-protein ratio for this post workout nutrition is 3:1 (3 grams of carbohydrate for every 1 gram of protein).

Research shows this carbohydrate-protein combination consumed within 30 minutes of exercise nearly doubles the insulin response, which results in more stored glycogen. This stored glycogen is then ready to fuel your client’s next strength-training session.

e.g. Post Workout Smoothie with protein, BCAAS, banana and nut butter, Post Workout Shake with Protein, BCAAS and Vitargo powder.  Post Workout Shake and then eat the banana and nut butter.


Then eat your dinner 1 hour afterwards:

Chicken rice and vegetables, bean chilli with quinoa, sweet potato veg and chicken, tofu scramble with rice and veg.

Want to understand what to eat when in relation to your training? Sign up for our Carb Cycling Download.

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