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It is not OK just to guess at what and how much you are eating every day if you want to change your Body Shape, even if your plate is stacked high with healthy, clean food.

“I eat relatively healthy” is something I hear every day.

But ‘healthy’ or ‘clean’ is not measurable, nor is it individual.

When I respond with “You are probably not eating enough food” I am met with “Oh no, I eat way TOO MUCH.”

The truth is in fact the majority of women BINGE on food and the food they eat is often high carb, low protein and full of unhealthy fats and sugar but they just happen to eat a large portion of it once a day and therefore feel really FULL.

If you want to change your Body Shape, balance your hormones, boost your metabolism and your energy levels you need to begin to understand
the difference in the macronutrient content of your food aswell as knowing why and when to eat carbs.

Add this with short metabolic conditioning workouts + strength training with kettlebells and you have the answer to Fatloss and a Lean, Strong & Curvy Body in your 40s, (and your 50s and 60s for that matter….)

This is the system we teach in our VIP Programme called the Wheel of the Year with our customised 7 Day Carb Cycle Formula.

Want help in learn exactly what YOU need to eat as a Woman in your current stage of life, to reset your Weight Management hormones and to achieve your Body Shape & Lifestyle Change goals?

Or if you need just a little more help, I totally spill the beans in my new Masterclass: How to get into your best shape yet from Home.

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