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We’re going to talk about the difference between the workout and training plan. What works, what works for you, and what are the misconceptions around it.


Because, there is, indeed, a lot of discussion in the fitness community about how best to help women with their ‘exercise’ online. And this debate often finds itself inside our communities too.


The issue is how people like to train or get information and also some misconceptions.


I want to point out that we call ourselves Warrior Goddess Kettlebell TRAINING – not kettlebell workouts, not kettlercise.





And you see, training is different from ‘working out’ or exercising.


Exercise vs Training

Training is accumulated and specific stress adaptations that produce specific and desired results. If a program of physical activity is not designed with specific goals to get you stronger, faster, or in better condition, then you do not get to call it training, it is just exercise.


Our program works you towards the desired result. We are RESULTS focused and will always be.


We promise to deliver on the strength, belief, and body of a superhero by following a training plan to get you there.


In our community, we understand that learning to follow a plan is a discipline in itself, and well, as women who are extremely busy and want our training, as well as our results, to be fast and often lack time for attention, we provide a mixture of both follow along with workouts and a training plan with written workouts and instructional clips.


But the most important part is that you follow the plan.


And remember that as Warrior Goddesses we don’t DIET & EXERCISE we EAT & TRAIN.


And that is why we get RESULTS.


So if you’re someone who is can be motivated if you go to a class or work with a trainer or if you prefer the follow-along workout OR if you’re someone who never follows a training plan before then this is gonna be an episode for you!


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