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Along with my soul sister and unicorn friend, Brittney Carmichael, who is the Self Love Guru and the creator of Shine School and the Shine from the Inside Oracle Deck, we will bring to you an understanding of your true feminine power. 
Practical and spiritual guidance on how to best navigate the tides of nature during your moon time aka menstrual cycle.  How to balance your RAGING hormones so that you can live well understanding and accepting your body.  Learn the wisdom of the cycles of nature and how that affects your energy, hormones, and its cycles.
Learn when to exercise and push yourself and when to slow down and rest based on the cycle of the moon. How to overcome tiredness, cramps, and cravings. 
You’ll also receive a workbook filled with our favourite resources for tracking your moon cycle, hormones, and emotions and all the details shared inside the masterclass.


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