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Tap into the Feminine Power of your Moon Time

In this FREE masterclass you'll learn practical and spiritual techniques from two badass babes on how to harness feminine power and balance your energy and emotions during your moon cycle. #FEMPOWER

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    Meet Lisa Barwise.

    Known amongst her clients as the Fairy Ninja, Lisa Barwise is creator of Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Training, author of the Warrior Goddess Body Book and considers herself a kick ass Wellness Alchemist in the transformation of women around the world- strong of mind, body and character.

    Her unique holistic lifestyle formula combines a plant based diet, strength training with Kettlebells and Carb Cycling to harness the power of the life cycles and energy experienced only by women. A Warrior Goddess approach to female wellness.

    Meet Brittney Carmichael.

    Brittney Carmichael is the founder of Shine School, an online course to help women return to radical self-love and SHINE from the inside, spiritual teacher, motivational speaker, psychic medium, beauty guru, master hairstylist with over a decade experience, and self-love & biz mentor.

    She is known for her spiritual truth-tellin’ style and her ability to make women beautiful – inside & out. Brit teaches women how to SHINE from the inside by breaking free of negative beliefs, letting go of limiting labels, and tapping into creative power so that they can start living the life of their dreams.


    • Practical and spiritual guidance on how to best navigate the tides of nature during your moon time aka menstrual cycle
    • How to balance your RAGING hormones and get them under control
    • Learn the wisdom of the cycles of nature and how that affects your energy, hormones, and its cycles
    • Learn when to exercise and push yourself and when to slow down and rest based on the cycle of the moon
    • How to overcome tiredness, cramps, and cravings
    • You'll also receive a workbook filled with our favorite resources for tracking your moon cycle, hormones, and emotions and all the details shared inside the masterclass