First and foremost, take a breath. Yes, the coronavirus will spread, but we CAN take preventive measures that will go a long way in keeping our families healthy!

The novel coronavirus, which causes the illness covid-19, is at the forefront of the media and everyone’s minds. Some people aren’t worried at all and some countries have shut down travel, business, and social engagements to try to contain the outbreak.

Learn how to prepare for the coronavirus!

Lighthearted memes and out-of-stock toilet paper have been prominent topics of conversation concerning the coronavirus in the us. There have been wildly varying opinions about the severity of the illness, but what we know is that it’s spreading all over the world and it’s highly contagious.

We’re getting rapid-fire updates from the media about who’s tested positive, how many people have been affected, and where travel is banned. We’re seeing an unprecedented response to a unique situation, so what can we do?




  • The virus originated in Wuhan, China and has since spread globally

  • The World Health Organization has declared a pandemic, meaning worldwide spread of a new disease

  • Symptoms include fever, cough, and shortness of breath and may appear 2–14 days after exposure

  • Transmission is from person-to-person contact with someone who is affected (they may be asymptomatic)

  • Travel is being discouraged, especially cruises, and is banned in some areas

  • Many schools and universities across the US, UK and Ireland are transitioning to remote learning, as social distancing (staying away from groups of people) is the best preventive measure

  • Many businesses are transitioning to remote work-from-home situations, as much as possible

  • Social events, sporting events, celebration events, etc. are being canceled OR continuing without audience attendance

The news is filled with updates as celebrities and sports stars test positive, countries shut down, travel is suspended, and supplies (like toilet paper, hand sanitizer and facemasks) dwindle. All this can easily lead to fear and even panic, but we believe a calm approach is best! 


Remember, we are Warrior Goddesses and viruses should cower at our STRENGTH….


Do the inner work and your immunity will strengthen.

Look after your gut health and you will be invincible.


Here are my key steps I take EVERYDAY to ensure I have a strong immune system and healthy gut:

  1. Take your Proothie boosted with greens and superfood berries and spirulina

  2. Take your supplements and add in there Vit C 1000mg every 3 hours and Echincea every 3 hours

  3. Take Juice Plus which has elderberries and other flu fighting antioxidants which have kept me symptom free for 10 years!

  4. Drink a gut health bomb: apple cider vinegar, lemon, ginger, turmeric and manuka honey every morning

  5. Drink at least 2 litres of water

  6. Eat wholefoods! Avoid processed foods, caffeine, dairy and sugar which can feed viruses and weaken your gut health and immune system.

  7. Fast- keep your feeding window at just 8 hours and fast for 16 hours (including sleep). Fasting will help you to heal.

  8. And wash your hands for 20 secs as often as you can or after touching surfaces and public door handles. Become the annoying germophobe for a few weeks- your friends will still love you!

  9. As soon as you get home remove your clothing and put it in the washing machine. No wearing something twice even if it is not dirty.

  10. Greet people with a ‘live long and prosper’ Spock greeting instead of hugs and kisses. Or maybe a steely glare as you stand in Wonder Woman pose….


We got this!

If you are worried about the impact of what this will have on you and your family, seek out medical advice or visit the World Health Organisation website.


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