Plant Based Nutrition

[VIDEO INTERVIEW] How our Butcher’s Daughter Nicole went Plant Based

Going plant based is hard, right?  Well it might feel like a struggle some days but do you want to know  how our Nicole - the German native and daughter of a butcher- has been able to go plant based (and recently fully vegan this January) in addition to overcoming injury and now training to be a yoga teacher? We are talking about all things Plant Based as part of our Plant Based focus in January and we are almost at the end of Veganuary but not there yet! In this video we are talking about: Choosing to become a vegetarian even when your family puts pressure on you Being a vegetarian and pregnant A Plant based diet and injury Transitioning from Vegetarian to Vegan And finding what works for YOU and your Body Get all her insight, hear about her journey and top tips here! ⁣ Blessings to you and remember, I’m rooting for you! xo, Lisa SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL You can catch me live every Monday 3 PM GMT to give you all the Monday Motivation you need! Like my Facebook page so you don’t miss out on it! Don't hesitate to DM me on Instagram, on...
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