We are living in unprecedented times of stress, we have an excess of information and expectations, demands, responsibilities, multiple jobs, family demands, you name it.

And more often than not, to shelter ourselves away from the monotony we turn to unhealthy habits — (name your vice!)

But it should be the other way around: the more cornered we get by elements that can throw us off balance, the more committed to our health and wellbeing we must be.

Health is synonymous with success, in any shape or form or version. Healthy people thrive in every aspect of their lives — it is the foundation of our greatest achievements, of confidence, of limitless creativity and of longstanding relationships. When you feel good, you not only create a force field of positivity but you become a magnet for the things you wish to manifest in your life.

Making healthy choices and caring for yourself de-clutters your mind and makes space for the projects, people and places you’ve always wished you’d have time for and makes you a happy, healthy woman with a happy and healthy family and life.








The concept of the Warrior Goddess has been around for a very long time, maybe not coined in exactly this way until the writing of one of my favorite authors, HeatherAsh Amara on Goddess and Toltec learning in her highly acclaimed book Warrior Goddess Training.

But when we talk of a Warrior Goddess several images come to mind from Xena Warrior Princess in popular culture to ancient Celtic goddesses of The Gamorra, Freya and of course Athena.

Each ancient civilization has their strong woman figure from Cleopatra to Froudo the wife of Odin to

And if you Google Warrior Goddess now a days you are often faced with semi clad voluptuous women wielding shields and spears.

So why would we want to be a Warrior Goddess and have a Warrior Goddess’ Body?

There is a new revolution for women, from being focused on others needs to focusing on our own. Serving from an empty vessel takes its toll. When we bring our attention back to rediscovering who we are, from the inside out and understanding our body and our soul, then we can truly step into our own genuine and authentic power and be able to follow our passions and desires.

We discover true strength. Strength of mind, body and character and our inner warrior goddess.

Warrior energy

Since we are all a mix of masculine and feminine energy, we can benefit from a clear understanding of the highest vision of masculine energy, whilst in the section we will explore the feminine.

The displays of masculine energy are most raw in ancient, more primal societies, where the man was the keeper of boundaries, the hunter and provider of food, the physical strength behind manufacture and the imagination of the innovator and creator.

The masculine energy is like fire. When it is used properly it is creative, practical, benevolent and visionary. When misused it can burn and destroy in egoic anger and/or resentment.

Men and women need this masculine energy as much as they need the feminine energy. Without one or the other we are incomplete.

Harnessing this energy gives us the confidence, focus and determine to see things through and gives us our power.


Goddess energy

Goddess energy is a creative flow of unconditional love, self-love, self-acceptance, inner wisdom coupled with passion and pleasure.

These energies are within us and when out of balance can affect us by simply having us feel out of whack to the extreme of illness and disease, often in our female body parts.


Why you HAVEN’T achieved the Warrior Goddess Body yet…


Do you look around and see images of flat bellied semi clad women in the media and wonder why you have never achieved it?

Culture dictates what is the norm for our own perception of body image and the food industry focus on profits gears up their marketing engine and gets us hooked on sugary and processed foods.

And you’ve been lied to.

For years, you’ve been told that losing weight is simply a matter of moving more and eating less.


I’m here to tell you that’s nonsense. There are things that your body is dealing with every second of every day without you even realizing it. As you go about your daily life, little do you know that underlying, invisible forces are likely stopping you from losing weight, holding you back, and making you miserable. Invisible forces? What are these invisible forces?

These nefarious, unseen forces are anything that puts your body out of balance, a precious state of optimal function known as homeostasis. These culprits are things we regularly contend with without giving them much thought: toxins, chronic stress, sugar (specifically, fructose) overload, and insufficient and/ or poor-quality sleep, your menstrual cycle, hormones. Combine these culprits with misinformation about how and what we should eat— given to us by medical authorities who really should know better— and it becomes all too confusing.

Your body perceives any chronic influence that affects this ideal state as nothing less than a threat to your survival.

When that happens, your body gradually shifts from thriving mode to surviving mode.

Unfortunately, these health disruptors are part and parcel of a modern life that our bodies were not designed to deal with. No matter how fast the world around us speeds up, we’re still tackling it with the same factory-installed settings we inherited from our ancient ancestors. For example, life might be a lot more manageable if we could go for weeks without sleeping, but we haven’t evolved that capability.

Epigenetics, the science of how our environment and genes interact, is starting to reveal that the world we’ve built has been taking a toll on us at a genetic level that makes our weight and health problems even worse. Under the pressure and strain of modern living, we experience two key, undesirable side effects.

The diet industry

For years, you’ve been told that losing weight and having the ideal body is a matter of pills, potions, surgery or killing course in the gym. It is a billion dollar industry, often created by men for women. For consumers looking for the magical ‘quick fix’ answer and all from a highly unethical standpoint.

The answer: A Female centric cyclic programme that takes into account the cycles, hormones and struggles faced only by women to focus on getting lean, strong and curvy and a body that is the vessel for life in all its challenges and adventures.

Unique and ethical plant based diet that focuses on the cycles of energy and life that is experienced only by women.  Embracing the plant based, gluten free, dairy formula with intermittent fasting which supports the body in the building of lean muscle.

Read this recent review:

“In a world where the health and fitness industry revolves around men and the masculine ideal, this little breath of fresh air provides a refreshing woman-focused approach to fitness, nutrition and wellbeing.

Lisa’s programmes not only provides the student with advice and support on fitness, health and overall wellbeing but adopts a mindful approach to embracing our inner warrior goddess – being strong of mind, body and character.

As someone who has spent a lot of time, money and effort on various programmes and fad diets, the Warrior Goddess Body programme has provided me with a holistic approach to how I nourish and strengthen my body and soul.

This programme is a must have for all ladies who want to have their warrior goddess toolkit at the ready to deal with the complexity of modern day living (and everything that comes with). Tell your tribe of goddesses today!”- Katherine.

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