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The single most common response I hear from women when embarking on a new fitness or body shape change goal is “I don’t have the time” followed by “I need the gym/a class/trainer/instructor” to follow to reach my goals.


So I’ve invited my very good friend, Jenna Carelli, a business consultant in the Wellness Industry, fitness and nutrition expert to share her expertise on implementing systems – what is in essence your daily habits or routine and rituals – to help and set you up for success so that it is not about motivation or time, but about your choices in our day.


Jenna, a busy business owner with 2 young kids knows how to make it work.  When Jenna shared her workout routine with her young baby of only 3 months here on Instagram, I knew she had a lot to teach us!
In this episode, we bust the myths about belief, personal responsibility, motivation, not enough time and what happens when you are always relying on others to reach your goals.


Plus provide you with some actual take aways and practical steps you can put into action now to ensure this year is the year you reach your goals.

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– James Clear – Atomic Habits Book

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