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The world has changed. The world of fitness has changed.

With our big announcement this week that the Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Training studio will not reopen to the public, we are noticing a lot of response that women are telling themselves that they need a class or gym to be motivated.

So today we are unpacking what the NEW fitness world is going to look like and how getting results in this way will be tough.

We are looking at the restrictions gyms will face and if you found going to the gym uncomfortable before it may be even more comfortable now.

And we are sharing with you, how your limiting beliefs around motivation are stopping you from achieving your Body Shape, Health and Fitness goals and maybe it is time to also adapt your mindset as we adapt to a new normal.

Let me know how you are feel during this time and share with us what is the obstacle or story you are telling yourself that is stopping you from achieving your goals.

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