I want to look like Wonderwoman and save the world!

Body goals

I never liked to drink water.  I was obsessed with carbs… bread & butter, pasta, fast food and chocolate and my upper body strength could be described as almost a disability. I was a curvy vegetarian (with a body shape that required untold hours in dressing rooms to find a dress or shirt that would button up)  that never had a flat stomach- abs were things that skinny girls have – and a typical top heavy, crazy out of proportion apple body shape in minature fairy size just didn’t. We have all seen the story of overweight girl loses weight, looks amazing in a bikini and finds happiness and that is amazing story, taking dedication and effort but it is not mine.  Or the skinny, lanky girl who becomes strong with a six pack and find the confident to be a model and again this is inspiring to me but not my story. I have never been largely overweight, nor lean and skinny.  I was never strong, I was never the fastest or most active and sporty, nor was someone who suffers from illnesses or conditions that I had to overcome. I have tried so many things to ‘find my…

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The 1 minute Interval… Introducing the Super LEAN class

When I first created Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Training I researched all the different modes of fitness, training instructors and methods out there to create and formulate my own unique approach using the amazing kettlebell. I wanted to create a careful combination of yoga, martial arts, fitness and kettlebells all into one. Kettlebell training is not new, nor is it a fad, having been around for 100s of years and so of course have yoga and martial arts. I wanted to combine this research and study of fitness methods like HIIT and Tabata along with my love of feeling kick ass and empowered using the best of what martial arts offer without the actually punching and kicking! I also love the teachings of my favorite Kettlebell teachers Dasha Libin Anderson of Kettlebell Kickboxing and Greg from Kettlebells Workouts in addition to the traditional teacher of Pavel Tsatsouline. We know that kettlebell training makes women lose weight in half the time, maintain weight-loss, create lean muscle and simply love the challenge of every session. HIIT or Tabata training is a 2:1 mode of exercise. Which means that you perform high intensity exercise for double the time that you rest.  The typical Tabata…

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Green Coco Smoothie

Green Coco Smoothie 2 cups strawberries1 banana1 young coconut, water and meat or (100ml of coconut water plus 1 tsp of coconut oi)2 cups spinach2 celery stalks1-inch cube ginger, gratedJuice...
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