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Strength Training

Episode 74: Follow Along Workouts V Training Plans

We’re going to talk about the difference between the workout and training plan. What works, what works for you, and what are the misconceptions around it.   Because, there is, indeed, a lot of discussion in the fitness community about how best to help women with their ‘exercise’ online....
Body Shape Change

Episode 73: Why The 1200 Calorie Diet Does Not Work For Losing Weight

The Myth of the 1200 Calorie Diet (and why it doesn’t work)!   Surprisingly, a significant amount of the weight loss questions I get asked by women involve some aspect of the misinformation that lurks behind this whole “1200 calorie” thing.   That’s why, in this podcast, I’m going...
Strength Training

Episode 72: How to Fix These 7 Common Kettlebell Swing Mistakes

7 Common Kettlebell Swing Mistakes   Almost everyone can make some improvement to their kettlebell swing technique. Are you making any of these mistakes? Forward Pelvic Tilt? Excessive Hip Extension? Rounding the Back? Overuse of Arms?   In this today’s episode, we’re going to let you know in detail...
Strength Training

Episode 71: From Shame to Self Belief with Karen Maloney

Karen Maloney is an INSIDE OUT Coach, Soul Awakener & Energy  Practitioner. She is also the Founder & Host of the Curiosity &  Consciousness podcast. Karen is a warrior for the ‘inner spirit’.     She is passionate about helping women to revolutionize their internal world, feel totally worthy,...
Body Shape Change Plant Based Nutrition

Episode 70: This one 5 min habit changed my life

Today we are talking about my morning routine and this one simple change, the Green Proothie- a protein smoothie- and how it completely changed my life, my body, my energy, and actually my whole career!   This one habit had me learn what I needed to do to navigate...
Body Shape Change

Episode 69: How to Stop being obsessed with Weightloss

Women are obsessed with weight loss because really this is all that we have ever known or been instructed to care about. We are diving deep into this topic and opening up the discussion of toxic diet culture and the effect it is having on woman’s health and unhealthy...
Female Empowerment

Episode 68: Healthcare Corruption Exposed with Dr Robert Yoho

This is a hard hitting episode challenging your beliefs and thoughts about the current healthcare system.   We’re invited Dr. Robert Yoho onto the podcast to help us to first bring light to corruption we know to be true but also to help us to navigate it. Dr. Yoho...
Body Shape Change

Episode 67: Are 3 x 30 min workouts enough?

Most women I know are just so surprised at just how little training you need to do to get and keep your results and really MORE is not better it is just MORE.   Listen to this episode if you are killing yourself at the gym 6 days a...
Female Empowerment

Episode 66: Superhero Not Superhuman

We want you to be a Superhero, not a Superhuman! Have you ever heard of this thing called Superwoman syndrome? Superwoman syndrome has been used to describe the stress women who perform multiple roles experience the pressure of perfectionism. According to the 2021 women in the workplace report, 49%...
Female Empowerment

Episode 65: Tools of Transformation with Brit & Chris Carmichael

My Unicorn friend is back!!!  And we are in for a treat today!   We are talking to the Carmichaels including our first male guest Chris Carmichael and first duo! Both are the founders of The Elevated Life®, are a husband and wife duo dedicated to empowering people on...
Plant Based Nutrition

Episode 64: Veggie, What The Heck Do You Eat?

Veggie, What The Heck Do You Eat?   So do you eat?…. And what about?… So what do you eat?…. We’re going to talk all about being plant based as a vegetarian, vegan and why I don’t eat gluten or dairy – or what dairy to eat. And this...
Body Shape Change Female Empowerment Hormone & Life Cycles

Episode 63: I hate January

January sucks. It’s officially the worse time of the year I’m cold. I am bored. I am pale. It’s dark. I have gained 5 pounds that won’t go away And I don’t want to do anything about it because I’m cold and just want to hibernate like a squirrel...