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Episode 62: How You Track Your Progress Determines Your Success

“Lisa, how am I doing?” “I don’t even know if this is working.” “This is too hard.” “Surely I should be further on by now.”   These are the questions that surface when you aren’t focusing on the right things. And when you don’t track your progress.   The...
Female Empowerment Hormone & Life Cycles

Episode 61: Your PMS Toolkit

These hormone episodes are often the most popular- plus we’ve got a FREE download for you too! What is PMS? PMS stands for premenstrual syndrome, (or Tension, the same thing) but it can strike anytime after ovulation, which occurs in the middle of your 28-day cycle, also known as...
Body Shape Change Female Empowerment

Episode 60: How to Deal with the Negativity of Friends & Family

I would love to say that this is not a popular issue or that it doesn’t come up time and again, but it does. We are talking abut negativity. When you start any sort of transformational journey or start to work towards new goals, family members or friends can...
Female Empowerment

Episode 59: Interview with The Fairy Godmother of Menopause Lorraine Miano

As a certified health and hormone coach as well as a post-menopausal woman herself, Lorraine Miano discovered her passion for offering menopause advocacy, support, and resources to women in all phases of menopause.  She has been able to help even more women by writing and publishing her book, The...
Female Empowerment

Episode 58: Stop Being So Hard on Yourself

“No breakthrough is going to come from more judgment”   This is Brandon and me saying: Stop being so hard on yourself.   Nearly everyone I know struggles with focus and discipline and distraction- even without ADHD, kids, looking after elderly or sick parents.   It’s the human condition....
Female Empowerment

Episode 57: Tiny Improvements, Superhero Results

Why Small Habits Make a Big Difference   It is easy to overestimate the importance of one defining moment and underestimate the value of making small improvements on a daily basis.   Too often, we convince ourselves that massive success requires massive action. Whether it is losing weight, getting...
Body Shape Change Female Empowerment

Episode 56: Who Are You In The Habit of Being

Have you ever thought about it in this way….   Habits create the foundations of our lives.   Whatever you’re in the habit of thinking, believing, and doing determines the “reality” you experience. Hence becoming aware of, and getting control over, your habits is one of the most important...
Female Empowerment

Episode 55: Your Body Is Not Something, Your Body Is Someone

When I read this phrase on Holly’s Facebook page, it gave me goosebumps.   It really hit home. And this conversation is much needed for women as we unpack the topics of self-love, self-trust, and learning to tap into our inner intuition.   Listen to how Holly shares her...
Body Shape Change

Episode 54: How to Deal with Set Backs

How to deal with set backs   You need to know that your goals do not happen or a reason, just like people say to me, I’ll wait until XYZ calms down until I start something, you cannot do a 6 week or 12 month body and lifestyle goal...
Female Empowerment

Episode 53: Rich Bitch Energy (The Money Episode)

What do you think of when I say: “Rich Bitch”?   One of the biggest ways women give away their power? Money Either with the words we say : I’m crap with money Putting it in the hands of others- husbands, acountabnts, managers Staying ignorant to actually how much...
Body Shape Change Plant Based Nutrition Strength Training

Episode 52: Beginners Guide to Macros (why count, how to track & getting started)

What are Macros? One of my favourite questions to answer. Why? Because when I learnt about this way of eating my whole body and energy changed. Our programs are based on 3 fundamental elements: SCIENCE- the process, the plan and the formulas, based on research and studies for the...
Female Empowerment

Episode 51: Failure, Fitness & Femme Fatales

We have created the most amazing FREE 5 Day program and wanted to share with you one of the days of the live training. You are going to have your mind blown with the information in this training and how much women are affected by the lack of medical and...