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When a podcast not only inspires you, but gives you the kick in the ass you need to take action!

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Body Shape Change Female Empowerment

Episode 24: “I’ve lost my mojo, please help.”

This episode is about mojo, well move about losing it and having it! The weird thing about mojo is that we think it is some mystical force or energy that suddenly makes us motivated to do something. And this is not the case. So in today’s episode we are...
Female Empowerment

Episode 23: The Wonder Woman Mindset – develop the belief and certainty of a Superhero

For those that don’t know me so well, I am obsessed with superheroes and strong female characters – in movies, books, real life. I have always been obsessed with SUPERHEROS  and not just as a kid. There is just something about their certainty, their journey, their uniqueness. Their overall...
Body Shape Change

Episode 22: Hunger V Appetite

Whilst hunger is the instinct of survival that drives us to feed when the body requires food, appetite is the feeling that we need to eat that is influenced by psychological aspects of the individual concerned (desire to eat for pleasure, happiness, boredom, sadness, anxiety etc)   Hunger is the need to eat. If you‘re hungry, you need food...
Body Shape Change Hormone & Life Cycles

Episode 21: Why Carbs are not the Enemy & My Review of the Keto Diet

Why carbs are not the enemy.  Let’s talk Low Carb Diets… The Keto Diet is one of the fastest growing diets on the market When we learned the truth about process carbs and sugar being the major factors for weigh gain it was easy for food marketing companies to package...
Strength Training

Episode 20: The Evils of Exercise

I never fail to be surprised by how much misunderstanding and trepidation surrounds working out. Women who have not yet committed to a regular exercise routine have the general perception that you have to kill yourself to get in shape. In the 1970s, Jane Fonda popularized the phrase “No...
Carb Cycling
Body Shape Change

Episode 19: Carb Cycling – The answer to fat loss in your 40s

Fatloss in our 40s is completely different from our 20s and 30s. In order to truly understand how fat loss works in your 40s, we first need to look at the full picture. That’s what I am talking about in today’s episode. In this episode you will learn: –...
Female Empowerment Strength Training

Episode 18: 6 Things to Do When You Are Not Motivated to Workout

What do you do when you just don’t ‘feel’ motivated to workout? Well let us share a few strategies with you. What you will learn in this episode:   1. The 5 Second Rule from Mel Robbins My favourite resource on understanding how motivation works in our brains and...
Female Empowerment

Episode 17: You Can’t be Motivated if you are Sick, Tired or in Pain

In this episode we unpack from truths about these barriers keeping you from being motivated and feeling good. Helping you to see that you have the power to take back control and make choices in terms of: Nourishing your body- good nutrition, removing allergens, best supplements and good habits...
Female Empowerment

Episode 16: The 7 Limiting Beliefs Stopping You from Being Motivated & Achieving your Goals

Did you know there are 7 things I hear almost every week of why women aren’t motivated or can’t pursue their goals? These 7 things are actually limiting beliefs or barriers in your thinking holding you back from actually becoming the person you want to be and reaching your...
Female Empowerment

Episode 15: “I need to go to class or the gym to be motivated”

The world has changed. The world of fitness has changed. With our big announcement this week that the Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Training studio will not reopen to the public, we are noticing a lot of response that women are telling themselves that they need a class or gym to...