“Audio Motivation”:

When a podcast not only inspires you, but gives you the kick in the ass you need to take action!

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Female Empowerment

Episode 17: You Can’t be Motivated if you are Sick, Tired or in Pain

In this episode we unpack from truths about these barriers keeping you from being motivated and feeling good. Helping you to see that you have the power to take back control and make choices in terms of: Nourishing your body- good nutrition, removing allergens, best supplements and good habits...
Female Empowerment

Episode 16: The 7 Limiting Beliefs Stopping You from Being Motivated & Achieving your Goals

Did you know there are 7 things I hear almost every week of why women aren’t motivated or can’t pursue their goals? These 7 things are actually limiting beliefs or barriers in your thinking holding you back from actually becoming the person you want to be and reaching your...
Female Empowerment

Episode 15: “I need to go to class or the gym to be motivated”

The world has changed. The world of fitness has changed. With our big announcement this week that the Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Training studio will not reopen to the public, we are noticing a lot of response that women are telling themselves that they need a class or gym to...
Strength Training

Episode 14: “How home based kettlebell training changed our lives”- from two star crossed kettlebell instructors with Rosa Coelho

I am so excited for my first international podcast interview guest and it of course had to be Rosa Coelho of Rocofit. So if you know anything about my own kettlebell journey from my Masterclass, workshops or beginners programmes you know I always tell the story of how I...
Hormone & Life Cycles Plant Based Nutrition

Episode 13: Eating Healthy V Eating for Fatloss

It is not OK just to guess at what and how much you are eating every day if you want to change your Body Shape, even if your plate is stacked high with healthy, clean food. “I eat relatively healthy” is something I hear every day. But ‘healthy’ or...
Female Empowerment

Episode 12: The Anxiety of Perfectionism with Leigh Campbell

Welcoming our first guest to the podcast, Leigh Campbell is a good friend and Psychotherapist and Mindset Coach specialising in Anxiety and Trauma . She help women to unlock their calm , reduce anxiety and help you step into your power and fabulousness! She’s been helping women to leave...
Body Shape Change

Episode 11: My own Quarantine Body Shape Change Journey

I’ve just shared on social media my own before and after pictures of my body shape transformation during quarantine over the last 6 weeks. I am not sharing it for you to compare yourself or make yourself feel bad (why would you do that) but as inspiration, motivation and...
Hormone & Life Cycles Strength Training

Episode 10: What does over exercise look like for women?

What does over exercise look like for women. First we must address how much or how little exercise to do. How much or what kind of exercise to do. And this is tricky. There are no definitive studies out there that point to the exact science. Or to be...
Hormone & Life Cycles Plant Based Nutrition

Episode 9: The Ultimate Morning Routine Guide

My morning routine changed by life.   But my routine is my routine.  Let’s help find yours.   This week’s podcast provides you with tips on how to intentionally start your day. The actions aren’t as important as the intention. And my steps, my rituals are not always perfect...
Strength Training

Episode 8: Why strength training may be the best thing you could do for your health.

Science has proven strength training is ridiculously good for women between the ages of 40 and 70. A lot of serious health issues can occur if you aren’t doing some kind of regular strength training. We all lose muscle as we age, and if we don’t do something to...