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What are Macros? One of my favourite questions to answer.
Why? Because when I learnt about this way of eating my whole body and energy changed.
Our programs are based on 3 fundamental elements:
  • SCIENCE- the process, the plan and the formulas, based on research and studies for the female body so you can make decisions based on data and a proven path
  • MINDSET- how you think which drives momentum and consistency
  • IDENTITY- your self image, beliefs and space to embrace our new identity so we can learn to maintain your results for life
  • And of course, Superhero fun.
This today is about the science.
And a little known fact about nutrition and the difference between eating ‘healthy’ and eating for body shape change.
So, what are macros and how do you calculate macros for fat loss?
If you’ve worked with a personal trainer, did some body building or Cross Fit or have experience Flexible dieting then there’s a good chance that you’ve heard the term ‘macros’ being used.
‘How can I calculate my macros for flexible dieting?
’‘What are your macros?’
‘Does this fit my macros?’
Common questions you might have asked yourself if you know what macros are.
So let’s start with understanding and covering what are macros and then tell you how they help you when it comes to changing your body shape – to get lean, strong and curvy.
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