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Female Empowerment

Episode 47: Goals That Fix Never Stick

When I heard Brendan Bruchard quote this on a podcast with Rachel Hollis it blew my mind: Goals that Fix Never Stick. And it really cemented for me what I knew to be true about how I now set and achieve my goals. That the energy behind the goal...
Body Shape Change

Episode 46: “I Know What to Do So Why Don’t I Do it” with Eliza Kingsford

We are very excited to welcome the amazing Eliza Kingsford, mind/body practitioner and nationally recognized weight management  and body image expert, author of Brain Powered Weight Loss and a leading voice in the burgeoning mind/body connection movement. Eliza says: “I help create breakthrough experiences for people who have tried...
Strength Training

45: Getting Started with Kettlebell Training

Part 3 of our 3 part Kettlebell Training Series…. And be sure to revisit Part 1: 18 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Kettlebell Training Part 1: www.warriorgoddesskettlebelltraining.com/podcasts/43  Part 2: 15 Most Common Kettlebell Training Mistakes Part 2: www.warriorgoddesskettlebelltraining.com/podcasts/44   This episode has an accompanying set of blog posts and...
Strength Training

Episode 44: 15 Most Common Kettlebell Training Mistakes

Part 2 of our 3 part Kettlebell Training Series….   Part 2: 15 Most Common Kettlebell Training Mistakes   This episode has an accompanying set of blog posts and videos to help guide you with some of the answers to these questions. Be sure to come over to the...
Strength Training

Episode 43: 18 Most Common Questions about Kettlebell Training

As part of our 3 part kettlebell training series, we are covering the most common questions (and then mistakes) of Kettlebell Training. Access these questions in this blog with links to the videos and tips. https://www.warriorgoddesskettlebelltraining.com/18-most-frequently-asked-questions-about-kettlebell-training/   Links mentioned in this episode: Beginners Guide to Kettlebell Training Guide to...
Female Empowerment

Episode 42: Are you Afraid to be Feminine with Sandy Vo

How do we get back to the true nature of ourselves? Sandy Vo is going to help you to reframe what words like Warrior or Goddess mean to you in discovering the truest essence of who you are. Reframe Warrior and Goddess as someone who is so in tune...
Body Shape Change

Episode 41: Interview with a Unicorn: How Stacey trusted the process and lost MORE and won.

Learn how we award Unicorn status* and why this magical creature is a symbol. A  unicorn is a fierce, invincible creature that symbolises the best of  us- the best we can be and honours our unique powers and ability. To achieve unicorn status in our community is someone who...
Female Empowerment

Episode 40: Self Care Starts with Boundaries with Diann Wingert

Boundaries are a form of self-care. When you set boundaries, you are taking care of yourself. … Boundaries can helpyou manage stress, take care of your physical well-being, and create healthy relationships. For  example, when you say no to working late because you’re overtired,  you’re prioritizing your need for...
Body Shape Change Female Empowerment

Episode 39: Growing up with the Body Image of Barbie

According to an article online, only 15% women don’t feel negative about any part of their body. So 85% have negative feelings every day. There’s no such thing as the perfect body because ‘real women’ look just like you and me. Not to mention why do we even need...
Female Empowerment Hormone & Life Cycles

Episode 38: Tap into the Feminine Power of your Moon Cycles with Brittney Carmichael

Along with my soul sister and unicorn friend, Brittney Carmichael, who is the Self Love Guru and the creator of Shine School and the Shine from the Inside Oracle Deck, we will bring to you an understanding of your true feminine power.  Practical and spiritual guidance on how to...