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Karen Maloney is an INSIDE OUT Coach, Soul Awakener & Energy  Practitioner. She is also the Founder & Host of the Curiosity &  Consciousness podcast. Karen is a warrior for the ‘inner spirit’.



She is passionate about helping women to revolutionize their internal world, feel totally worthy, and take responsibility for their life. No more people-pleasing,  giving away your power, or feeling ‘less than, Karen helps women to build a solid relationship with themselves.  Guiding clients on an inward journey, she inspires them to ‘wake up’ to the gift of LIFE, and create their own version of success whether in career, relationships, or life. It’s not always easy to work, but it is the most powerful work we can do.



Karen has always been quietly curious and intuitive, but that doesn’t mean she ‘trusted’ it. For much of her life, she was highly anxious,  emotionally numb, and a bit of a control freak (or a total control freak!). She was never afraid to question the status quo, but at the same time she often struggled to be the ‘black sheep’, wondering why she didn’t ‘fit in’. She was drawn to books, energy therapies, and all things esoteric growing up.

However, it wasn’t until a traumatic break-up in 2016 that she really started integrating her knowledge, realized her enough-ness, and fully lived from the inside out!

Come and listen to hear the story of how she changed from Shame to Self Belief!

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