The number 1 thing women get wrong with weight loss...and it is not what you think it is

Here’s the number one thing that women get wrong about weight loss…and it is not what you think it is!

It is the promise that they make to themselves and breaking those promises.

Have you told yourself every beginning of the week that you’re gonna start the diet on Monday, that you’re gonna start training and exercising, that you’re gonna drink more water, that you’re gonna go to bed early…that you’re just gonna gonna gonna.

I can give you all the exercises and training and other advice I could give but it all boils down to the crook of the problem. The promise to yourself is the biggest barrier to your weight loss.

Could you imagine that how you talk to yourself is how you would talk to your best friend? So if you said to your best friend, “Hey, let’s meet up and do a workout together.” But then you changed your mind and you tell her,” Actually let’s not do that, I wanna watch TV and binge-watch Game of Thrones.” What do you think of that person if they said that to you? Maybe they say it once. Maybe five times. It’s not that they’re choosing self-care over hanging out with you. They’re just not choosing to do the thing that they said they’re gonna do. You’re gonna start thinking that this person is not dependable and that they’re flaky and do not keep their promises. Now, what do you think about the person who keeps the commitment of what they said they’re gonna do and they really did it? What’s the difference between the first person and the second person?

Are you the first person who said to their best friend that they’re gonna work out but bail out every time. Obviously, in real life, you cannot say that out loud. And yet that’s what you keep doing to yourself. You wouldn’t do that to your best friend. But why do you keep doing it to yourself?

The promise that you make to yourself is the most important thing with any substantial change that you wanna make in terms of habits, weight loss and making healthier choices.

So unless you keep the promise to yourself, you’re never gonna achieve what you want.

I get 5-10 messages per day asking me “How do you train regularly?” “How do you manage to homeschool your kid?” “How can you eat so healthy?” The truth is I wasn’t always like that. I started out just like you. My commitment to myself was so bad. What changed was that I looked at the people around me who are great at keeping the commitment to theirselves. I realized that I just needed to keep and honour the commitment I make to myself. The first three times are gonna be hard but after that, the process will just be automatic.

Here’s my action challenge for you: 

Pick one thing that you want to change in your life and tell yourself that no matter what, you’re gonna do that. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Just pick one thing. Once you have kept at it for at least a couple weeks, you’re gonna start believing in yourself more and more. It’s gonna be easier for you to stack more goals for you to achieve.


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