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As a ‘skinny seeker’ for over a decade, I too well know the confusion – nah hypocrisy – of many diet and fitness programmes out there and just how easy it is to get pulled into another new fad diet that you have had to hand over your hard earned cash for.

“I was doing HIIT workouts before and only lost a few pounds in months. After 6 weeks in this program I lost 10lbs and 8cms of my midsection…”

I hit menopause around 41 and have slowly gained weight and bloat since then. I reached my heaviest and I was so unhappy with what I saw in the mirror, I felt so bloated and uncomfortable, had no energy and couldn’t fit into my clothes.

It was time to take action so I started calorie counting and joined a fitness group for ladies over 40, that comprised of 20 minute HIIT style workouts daily.

Slowly I started to lose some weight but in 3 months I’d only lost 5lb and couldn’t see any real changes In the mirror. I was so disheartened and thought my body would never look the same in my late 40s.

I came across Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Training on Facebook and joined the masterclass to see what it was all about.
Once I’d watched the live I knew it’s what I needed to do and so I signed up for the year long programme promising myself I’d give it my all.
During the 6 week challenge I have learned a lot about nutrition and have gone back to basics with healthy clean food. Following the meal plans has made things easier and taken away the guess work on what to eat. I no longer have any bloating, I’ve lost 10lbs in 6 weeks and can see a noticeable difference around my belly, waist, hips and thighs. My quality of sleep has improved so much and I feel better in myself. I’ve enjoyed pushing myself during the workouts and the encouragement and support from Lisa, coaches and the group has been amazing.

“I tried Keto, a personal trainer and eating nothing but chicken, broccoli and sweet potato, nothing worked…”

I have been fighting with my weight my whole life. Recently, I started again on my weight loss journey. I originally started with Keto and did well losing around 25 pounds, until I plateaued and could not lose anything after about 5 months. Now I lost 17lbs in 5 weeks.

I went for about 2 months eating a lot of chicken, broccoli, and sweet potatoes and working out 7 days a week which helped me lose another 5 pounds. I was exhausted, both physically and mentally, and stumbled across WGKBT on Facebook.

I joined the free 5-day program and loved what I heard so here I am. I have just completed my 6-week transformation challenge (The Unicorn Challenge). In 5 weeks I have lost 17 pounds and 48 cm. All the recipes in the plan were delicious and easy to prepare. The workouts were short but very effective.

I also enjoyed the variety of workouts and how empowering swinging a kettlebell can be. During the 6-week transformation challenge, I was able to accomplish more towards my health goals all while using less time. The Facebook page was always there for support and for any questions that came up. I am super excited to continue on to the next phase. If you are debating on joining, invest in yourself, let WGKBT, Lisa, and her great team of coaches help YOU become better YOU.

“I used to start again every Monday…”

I tried to eat well, which mostly meant less or no carbs but I realised that something else must be at play as my partner lost a large amount of weight over the past year but what he was doing just wasn’t working for me. I became more & more miserable in myself, more restrictive with my diet and became less motivated thinking nothing was ever going to work for me now I was post 45. Could hormones be a part of this? Why wasn’t what I used to be able to achieve to shave off a few lbs working for me anymore? Enter Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Training. A group of badass women who I could join and be unstoppable – hell yeah!  I have used kettlebells before and really wanted a training programme to follow at home during lockdown this paired with a 28 day eating plan seemed like the ideal solution. I signed up there and then to the Sexy Strong year long programme on Mother’s Day wanting to put my needs first.

In just 6 weeks I have lost 48.5 cms off my body and 17lbs, I have more energy, am excited to work out and wake up looking forward to what I am going to eat. I am delighted to be reaping the benefits after such a short amount of time.


I have tried many fitness apps and I’ve collected digital tools and had started buying equipment that I already knew I probably wouldn’t use.  But none of these attempts at changing my life were successful.  I didn’t know how to start.  I needed guidance.  And I was totally getting depressed because I felt like my chances to win the battle were diminishing.

I already had all the free stuff – and I wasn’t doing anything with it.  Then it dawned on me – if I make a formal investment in my health and well being, I might be more inclined show up for myself!

” I had the habit of purchasing different programs online that I thought would be good for me, but the problem I always ran into was there was no guidance or support. “

Basically, you would buy the program for x amount of dollars and you were on your own.  I would start, then end up not finishing a program because,  I never followed through or eventually got frustrated because there was no support to get any help. Eventually, I got sick of doing that and stopped wasting my money.

The eating and exercise plan was all mapped out, which is what I needed.  I had an interest in getting in to shape and being healthy , and the program being geared towards women seemed like a good fit for me.  The support you recieved was awesome right from the start.  Always someone to help with any questions or problems you had.  The support was fabulous.  At first, like any lifestyle change  it was a little overwhelming, but everything was layed out and eventally things settled down and you got adjusted to the plan.  Couldn’t ask for better support.  From the start, I have loved the program. ” 

Even if you’ve had your family question or shame you for buying into yet another diet or trend.…

If you’ve joined a FREE Facebook group, downloaded a free workout or grabbed yourself the ‘best’ new potion, pills or belt …

Know that our programme & community of driven women is ABSOLUTELY DIFFERENT.

Every day, we get comments and messages from members sharing their relief at FINALLY finding a group of supportive yet ambitious women who are kind, driven as hell and down to have a laugh.



Before joining, we often get messages from women asking if it is OKAY that they eat meat, or that they currently follow a Keto Diet or do intermittent fasting every day or do they have to do the kettlebell training.

Let me be clear. It does not matter if you’re vegan, never eaten a vegetable, live off carbs or fast on the daily. Our community is a safe space for any ambitious human to discover what works best for you.

This is the last time you will ever spend your money.

With your investment today you get LIFETIME ACCESS.  

This means you will get access to the Digital Studio members area with our step by step online course FOREVER.

Just as I tell my son that our house is a safe space where everyone deserves to feel nurtured, at peace, and never bullied, our community is run the same way.

That’s why I want you to introduce you our members and their success stories.


Can you see yourself here…







43-year-old Kathy joined the Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Training program because she had injured her back from running and over exercising to try and lose weight. When she was unable to do anything, the weight had started to pile back on. She had hormonal imbalances (PCOS) and skin issues and a lot of gut and digestion issues.

Even when she decided to start her kettlebell training journey, even with as many as 5 sessions a week and only eating her usual 1200 calories a day, the weight did not come off and her body did not change.

Even when she decided to join the Sexy Strong program, she wasn’t really convinced carb cycling would work.

She said: “To be honest I was terrified I would gain weight. I had to eat 1900 – 2500 cals on some days!”

The first 30 days passed I started to notice a difference in my body, mood and health. The second 30 days passed friends and family and fellow goddess started to notice the physical changes to my body. I am now on my 6th month. I have lost 19 lbs but I’ve gained a body which I am proud off.

My health has improved from hormone imbalances, improvement with my psoriasis and my mental health and I just feel awesome, that lovely glow.”


This program WILL give you a STRONG, WOMANLY Body- and the belief to see it through – if you follow the steps we outline.

After joining, across a year I watched Kathy work incredibly hard. She asked thoughtful questions in our Facebook group. She and other women supported one another through the “Ahhhh my legs are going to fall off!” days.

By the end, well, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Here’s the wildest part. Kathy is NO different than any woman wanting to step into a new chapter of her life. All she did was commit to working hard and deciding she WAS the type of person who could cultivate the belief and discipline that led to that stunning, strong body above.


Before starting the Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Training, I would regularly be on again, off again with different Beachbody workouts.  None of them ever really connected with me enough that I wanted to see them through to the end.

“I enjoy being active, I want to be able to go out and hike in the mountain of Colorado and not have issues with breathing because of my extra weight and because I’m not strong enough.  That’s the main reason I chose to try this program, besides wanting to be a healthy example for my son that I don’t see enough.  I lost 19.2lbs of weight in just 6 weeks and a total of 48.7cm around my body overall. My energy is up significantly, I don’t feel the need for naps like I used to – I can go the whole day with doing the cooking, working, exercise and whatever I need to do for the rest of my normal life, without that afternoon slump, feeling like I need to sleep.  I enjoyed trying recipes that I would never have tried in the past, as well as learning to properly exercise with kettlebells so I don’t hurt myself.” 

-JILL, 47, USA.

I hit menopause around 41 and have slowly gained weight and bloat since then

“I hit menopause around 41 and have slowly gained weight and bloat since then. I’m December 2020 I reached my heaviest and I was so unhappy with what I saw in the mirror, I felt so bloated and uncomfortable, had no energy and couldn’t fit into my clothes. have learned a lot about nutrition and have gone back to basics with healthy clean food. Following the meal plans has made things easier and taken away the guess work on what to eat. I no longer have any bloating, Iv lost 10lbs in 6 weeks and can see a noticeable difference around my belly, waist, hips and thighs. My quality of sleep has improved so much and I feel better in myself. Iv enjoyed pushing myself during the workouts and the encouragement and support from Lisa, Breo and the group has been amazing.”

-TARA, 47, UK.

I know longer see exercise as a chore.  I just focus on getting stronger and taking care of myself and everything else falls into place.

The training has made such a difference to my life it’s only when I look at the difference in just 4 months I can see I have changed the shape of my whole back and waist which I am so chuffed about.

I have kept to doing training sessions a week and my mood has been great, I have even invested in kettlebells for home. The support from Lisa and all the great ladies gives me such confidence to keep going and for the first time ever it doesn’t feel like a chore it is what I do and what I want to improve on, I no longer stress about my dress size or the scales I work on getting stronger and everything else is falling into place.

 GEMMA, 42, UK

This change and commitment to myself meant I had stopped downing painkillers every day

“I was always active but a health issue meant I could no longer run or do other high impact exercise.  I also started to wonder how after all the running (including half marathons) and the boot camp sessions that the scales did not change for the better and my shape was not changing…so on and off I kept searching for local Kettlebell classes.   I always came up blank and I didn’t just want to follow stuff on YouTube so right at the point when I decided to stop the running etc I had one more look and found Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Training!  I couldn’t believe it, it wasn’t just KBs but nutrition also.  In the back of my mind I had also started to wonder if I should be eating and exercising a different way for someone who was approaching 45.
So I took the leap and I have not regretted it, is it hard sometimes? Yes!  Is it time consuming? Yes!  But has this change and commitment to myself meant I had stopped downing painkillers every day then its a huge massive YES!  And this was my goal, to make my life better with less pain, the weight loss and the centimetres from here and there are a very pleasant bonus.   


I fractured my back last year but with physiotherapy it wasn’t getting stronger. 

“I fractured my back in Nov of 2020 and have been seeing my back doctor regularly due to this. I was going PT 4 times a week as well. About 8 weeks ago I was talking to my doctor feeling very discouraged because I was getting no where with PT, I just wasn’t gaining any strength back in my lower back. Fast forward 6 weeks and I am down 10 lbs, and sooo many inches! I have gone down 2 pant sizes and I can even wear a size small top.  I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results and my back is getting stronger!”


I used to start every Monday.

I used to ‘start over’ every Monday. I tried to eat well, which mostly meant less or no carbs but I realised that something else must be at play as my partner lost a large amount of weight over the past year but what he was doing just wasn’t working for me. I became more & more miserable in myself, more restrictive with my diet and became less motivated thinking nothing was ever going to work for me now I was post 45. Could hormones be a part of this?


I worked with a weight loss coach and was running 40 miles a week and couldn’t shift the weight.

“I have just completed the first 6 weeks. I absolutely loved it.  I ate foods that I thought I hated and combinations of foods that I didn’t think went together.  I loved the workouts and all the coaching and youtube videos that went with it.  I liked that there were recipes and shopping lists every week.  I had weekly postings that were helpful.

I went on to lose 19lbs in just 5 weeks.



What’s inside this undeniably


You’re going to get every tool needed to develop the mindset to build that strength and achieve the body of a super hero even if you’ve never swung a kettlebell, can’t do even one push up or understand anything about nutrition for body shape change.



Life changing transformation modules & trainings in our Digital Studio (Value: $3,079)

Short cut my 4 year journey (see my journey in pictures here) with my 4 step formula for body shape change over 40.

Your membership grants VIP access into this incredible library of mindset, fitness and nutrition information. Here, you’ll find:

  • Digital Studio housing lessons from me, Lisa, getting in-depth about nutrition, mindset and training tactics (so even if you’ve NEVER swung a kettlebell, you’ll feel totally confident)
  • Videos and workbooks to make the process seamless
  • Meal Plans, Eating Protocol & Meal Prep guides to help you eating for fat loss and building lean muscle.
  • Each of the 4 stages broken down, step by step where you can train from HOME


Lose 10lbs or 4% Body Fat in just 4 weeks with our 28 Day Kick Start (Value: $197)

If the program you sign up to doesn’t get you RESULTS in the first 6 weeks – and guaranteed- then you are not likely to stick to it for any longer are you?

Everything we do is focused on RESULTS.  Because we know what works and we have tested it time and again on 1000s of women and women just like you from every walk of life.  Regardless of your starting point, being part of this program, we guarantee you will lose 10lbs or 4% body fat in your first 6 Weeks, following our system.


Train like a Warrior with just 4 Min circuits, up to 30 mins only 3 days a week (Value: $1,497)

Unlike any other Wellness or Fitness program out there, we educate and empower you step by step.  We break it down, systematically and so you know exactly where you are, where you are going and there is no spinning of wheels or second guessing whether a workout is working.  We teach you to do what is necessary, not what is possible with you can do from the safety and comfort of your own home.

Start with just 4 Minutes x 3 times a week and build up your confidence, strength and fitness to 30 mins x 5 times a week and learn to train like a warrior even if you are feeling far from super right now.  From Zero to Hero – no glossing over any important information or helping you with your form and movement.


Simple, doable, daily habits recorded each day in your Progress Tracking App  (Value: $497)

We don’t want SUPERHUMANS, we want SUPERHEROES.

You are not lacking motivation, you are lacking energy and energy management through hormone balance and proper rest is key. Focusing on the right things, done daily is more important than killing yourself once a week!

  • Progress Tracking HUB & App with your training plan, exercise Clips for a full year of training starting with just 4 minutes up to 3 times a week
  • Track all the important measurements: progress photos, measurement and body fat in your own progress tracking hub
  • Using our progress tracking app, you can access all your habits, workouts and nutrition logs plus log your own progress and feel like a Wonder Woman every day as you see your progress with what you were never able to do before and what comes naturally to you to now do daily!


Learn how to tap into your feminine superpower at any stage of life by harnessing your hormones for boundless energy and supercharged results  (Value: $97)

Our hormone balancing tools include everything you need to truly tap into this unique energy and power source for women.  We individually provide advice and support on supplements, lifestyle practices, stress relieving practices and when and how to eat based on your stage of life or timing in your menstrual cycle.  Feel better by learning to tap into your infradian rhythm and working WITH your body.


Support with our Live Q&A & Pep Talk Monthly + 52 weeks of Q&As (Value: $1164)

To be sure you’re getting your answers live, we host a weekly Q&A and Pep Talk in the Facebook group  – where you can bring any questions, frustrations or challenges.

Any question you have is valid – and I want to be sure every query gets a loving (even if butt kicking ? ) response.


Daily eating & training plan (with shopping lists) for fussy eaters, non cooks and all eating preferences from omnivore to fully vegan (Value: $1197)

We are busy women just like you with a busy family life and a tight budget. We are also maybe not the best cooks, fussy eaters or want to follow a plant based diet. In the first 6 weeks, we guide you by offering you the solution with a ‘do this, eat that’ approach with both daily eating guidelines, meal plans, shopping list, supplement guides and meal planning masterclasses to make sure you are preparing and eating the right food to get you the results you deserve.


Access our transformation mindset tools with your Wonder Woman Mindset Journal & 21 Day Superhero Activation Meditation (Value: $297)

Most other fitness programs skip the mindset work.  We embrace it! And this is one of our favourite tools of transformation. A special PDF guide and guided meditation activation practice that helps you to work through your diet and exercise mindset, to question your experience and help you to begin this relationship with your body and build that BELIEF.


You are not doing this alone! Join our Private, Members ONLY Facebook group (Value: $1997)

This group is not only a community of other like-minded women cheering each other on, you’ll get access to the world’s top coaches.

I will be in the group answering questions and have the best coaches- who have been where you are- answering your questions on everything from mindset, nutrition to fitness.



The Strength, Belief & Body of a Superhero with the Sexy Strong Program™


Fast Action Bonus Ends...


WELLNESS GENIE SESSION + 1:1 coaching session with Lisa + personalisation questionnaire + custom daily routine and rituals plan (Value: $497)

We reward action takers with this one time bonus. Access to the first 6 Week Coaching Calls with Lisa providing support and answers to all the tough questions and challenges in the first 6 weeks and from our 6 week transformation challenge.

We are able to provide this to ensure your success in the most important 6 weeks.


TIME & ENERGY SAVER BONUS: 30 min workout library + 5 min breakfast library + hormonal energy guides (Value: $997)

Including 28 follow along kettlebell circuits, 5 minute breakfast library and other tools to have you to conserve time and energy as you achieve your goals.

MONEY SAVER BONUS: Save 30% off the weekly shop with our Meal Planning & Meal Prep Tools Value: ($597)

Helping you to save as much money as possible with these money saving tips from meal planning, shopping, batch cooking and shopping list guides.

INJURY & ENERGY SAVER BONUS with our Comeback + Setback Planning tools. Stop spinning your wheels and never stay down for long (Value: $897)

“I get knocked down, I get up again, never gonna get me down”

Our injury and recovery library includes physio approved stretching and mobility for recovery + foam rolling demonstrations and what to do to comeback and get back on plan.

HORMONE BALANCING BONUS with our Hormone Health 4 Week Eating Plan + Recipe Book. Start your journey feeling balanced and nourished (Value: $497)

This includes some amazing resources including Cycle Syncing Guide, Resetting your Circadian Rhythm, How to Live Toxin Free and EFT tapping and breath work to support your nervous system.

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We want to make this affordable and accessible to as many as possible but we HONOUR ACTION TAKERS.

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GO VIP and pay in full: Get the Goddess Got Goals Motivation, Mindset + Momentum program (Value: $497)

If you struggling with the mindset and motivation elements of starting and sticking to this program, then these tools and video trainings will help you to move through motivation blocks and create lasting change and transformation.

GO VIP and pay in full: VIP Resource Library full of replays of masterclasses and live calls + coaching masterclasses + our members only podcast (Value: $1,164)

To give you a little more incentive (as if you needed it), I’ve added ONE MORE BONUS! If you enroll using the full-pay payment option, not only will you get all of the bonuses above, but you will ALSO get access to our full library of all our Monthly Mindset Coaching Calls,  our weekly live Q&A  and every masterclass and resource we have ever created for our VIPs.



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Fast Action Bonus Ends...

Remember, this includes:

Our amazing new progress tracking App for written training plans, demo videos and follow along workouts you can stream onto your TV.

Members area with robust step by step system broken down into videos and workbooks

Weekly Q&A and Pep Talk with me, Lisa, and my team of coaches in the Facebook Group & Emailed every week

Need help ordering or have questions?
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This all sounds FRIGGIN AWESOME but I got a question…

Q: How soon after I purchase will I receive the program?

A: As soon as you purchase you’ll be sent a link to the members area and you can get started right away.

Q: Am I a good fit for this program?

A: This program is for women only (men can invest in the program but can’t be in any of the Facebook Groups). In addition, this program has been incredibly successful for women who are beginners to strength training to those more active and with under 2 stone to lose. My program is geared for you to be active 3 times a week and will require commitment to that.

Q: How long will it take?

A: To answer this question we need to know your starting point and your goal that you want to achieve.  To give you some idea, we say that someone starting at 40%+ body fat can easily lose 5% body fat (around 12lbs or a dress size) in the first 6 weeks if they follow the eating program 100% and are able to stick to 5 x 30 min workouts/walks a week. If you do less in terms of training say 3x 30 mins and follow the eating plan say 80% you can expect to lose 4% in the first month and then 1-2% each month after that.  It depends on how much you put in, how consistent you are and how accurately you follow the plan.

Q:Do I have to eat a plant based diet?

A: Focusing on more leafy greens, vegetables and fruits in your diet is essential for long term health, energy and for healthy weightloss. It is encouraged that you follow a diet more heavily focused on plants but this does not mean you have to be vegan or vegetarian to do so. This programme provides recipes and menu plans for meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans alike, focusing on eating more plants.

Q: What if I don’t like broccoli (or insert food here)?

A: This programme is both guide and teacher. For those that simply want to follow a day by day and meal by meal plan it is laid out for you or you can use the tools and information to craft your own meal plans. We also provide recommend additional nutritional support through whole food supplements. Want to see a sample of the suggested recipes? You can view some of our recipes here.

Q: Can I cancel?

A: This is a 12 month program with a monthly payment plan option.  If you try the program in good faith for 6 weeks and do not get any results, you can cancel and receive a full refund.   This is outlined in our Satisfaction Guarantee, you can read more about that here.  Full details on our terms & conditions, visit here.

Q: What if I try the programme and it doesn’t work for me?

A: To truly try anything you must give it time and trust in the process. This is what this process will teach you.  How to trust yourself and build the belief that you can do hard things.  No one can do it for you. Plus it takes more than 21 days to turn something new into a daily habit and it takes at least 28 days to notice true life changing results. So, if after 6 weeks of truly following the programme, you are not satisfied, I guarantee to refund your programme in full to you as part of our Satisfaction Guarantee.

Q: Do I have to do the workouts or can I just follow the eating plan?

A: The crux of this programme is based on carb cycling. This is an intentional variaion of your carbohyrate intake based on the workouts you will be doing to maximise fat burn and energy levels. Without the exercise, you will not be maximising your fat burning potential or helping your body to build lean muscle which is the key element in looking leaner and curvier

That said, following either the workout plan or nutritional plan will deliver short term results, just not maximize the fat burning potential of when paired together… like shampoo and conditioner!!

Q: How much time does it take each day?

A: The nutrition side should not take you any extra time—in fact it should take you LESS time than you’re currently spending prepping food, because it’s incredibly organized and strategic. It might mean you are doing things you are not used to doing or learning how to meal prep in advance.

As for the fitness & strength side, this is even better, starting with just 4 minutes a day and 3 training sessions a week you can build up to no more than 30 minutes a day 4 or 5 times a week. You will feel like you are doing less than you have ever before but getting the most amazing results.

Q: What happens if I can’t workout 3 times a week?

The magic number for exercising for a short term goal is a minimum of 3 (though 4 is better). This means at least 3 kettlebell workouts of 10-30 minutes in a week. (The first week is only 4 minute workouts so easily to fit into your schedule) We are talking less than 2 hours a week!

Q: I have never lifted a kettlebell in my life, am I strong/fit enough to do this programme?

A: What I love about kettlebells is that they are the perfect beginners strength training tool for women. They are compact, easy to use, effective and inexpensive and you can do so much with them from your own home. I currently have clients in their 50-60s who have never lifted a weight now leaner, stronger and fitter in a few weeks!

Q: Where do I get kettlebells from?

A: I have researched far and wide to find the perfect kettlebell for my goddesses. I have written a blog post about this and a whole video is dedicated to this in the classroom to aid in the process. A beginners kit should not set you back more than $40- maybe only $30.

Q: What is carb cycling?

A: A carb cycling program is an intentional variation of carbohydrate intake each week. Most carb cycling plans consist of high carb days and low carb days. In all of my programs, base our cycle on the workouts we will be doing to maximize fat burn and energy levels.

Q: Do I need a gym membership to complete the Sexy Strong programme?

A: No, this is a one of the key benefits of this programme that can save you time and money. The workouts are designed for easy to follow, quick and effective home workouts you can do in your bedroom, living room or garage. If you wish, you could easily do them in a gym with a small amount of space and only have to touch 2-3 kettlebells- making it a super safe way to train.

Q: Do I have to follow a strict meal plan?

A. I provide guidelines for each day of our food cycle. For example, on low carb day I will indicate that your goal is to consume less than 50g net carbs. I will explain how to calculate your macros (carbs, fats, protein) and also give you a sample meal plan and recipes. However, you will have the flexibility to consume the foods you truly enjoy. This is not a diet. It is a eating programme. You just need to learn what to eat in relation to your day and cycle.

Q: Am I required to be on Facebook to join the program?

A: We recommend this as a lot of the support, questions and motivation is deliverd in our 24/7 Facebook group. Most of my clients choose to join our Facebook community group for daily tips and accountability. While I do recommend you join the Facebook group, it is not required for participation in the program.

Q: Do I have to do the programme right away?

A: One of the best things about this programme is that you have FOREVER Lifetime Access to the information in our digital classroom but once you START the 6 week challenge – and if you are working towards the reward of the $197- you cannot restart. That said, you will only have access to the Facebook Community for the 6 weeks of your challenge and access to our Facebook community for the 12 months of your programme. This means you can start the programme today and in 6 weeks you then move into our VIP Community and the next step in your Superhero Body Shape Change journey.

Q: I have a back/shoulder/knee injury, how can I adapt the exercises?

A: If you have been passed by a doctor and physio to exercise, then you are still able to workout. All exercises can be modified. You may just need to reduce the amount of reps and exercise more frequently rather than for longer periods of time. 5 x10 minute workouts is better than 1 hour a week.

Q: I have lower back pain, will I have to restrict some movements?

A: Did you know that at least 1 in every 3 of my clients tell me they have lower back pain? What I love about kettlebells is that it is the answer to reverse lower back pain. The exercises will help to build up strength in this area to relieve pain and give you strength.

Q: I don’t want to get bulky from the weights, will they make me bulky?

A: Weights don’t make you bulky, eating cupcakes do! haha What I love about kettlebells particularly is you get strength training but in an easy to use and fun little bullet. This is what you need to get truly lean and toned. It was when Lisa made the switch to kettlebells and strength training, away from endless cardio, that she got her flattest stomach of her life and awesome arms too! If you look at her (all 5ft of fairy ninja) she has been lifting with kettlebells for 5 years and is by no means bulky!

Q: Aren’t kettlebells really heavy? What if I am not strong enough?

A: Kettlebells are designed to help you get stronger in a dynamic and safe way and work on the important posterior kinetic chain of your glutes, hamstrings, hips and core. Most of the moves we do work your lower body primarily. Any upper body exercises we do use a lighter kettlebell and help you to gradually build up the fitness and strength week by week. You will notice how quickly your body responds to these exercises for building strength as well as cardio vascular fitness.

Q: Do I have to buy protein powder or other shakes and pills?

A: We do advocate a Proothie- a protein smoothie as a cost effective and easy tool to help you to break your fast and reach your protein goals each day but this is not necessary if you are willing to eat additional protein and plants. That said, in my experience most women undereat protein by 100% and do not get enough essential phytonutrients in their diet which these supplements can bridge the gap for but it is entirely up to you.

Q: Can you confirm that there are no other charges or “hidden” costs beyond the initial investment?

A: Indeed we can confirm no hidden costs! Any applicable sales tax is added in the shopping cart. That’s it. There are no other charges. No recurring dues (unless you sign up for the payment plan). Any other products, supplements, equipment or special deals you ever see from me now or in the future are optional.

Q. Do you really answer questions in the Facebook group?

A: Yes, myself and my coaching team really answer your questions on the Private Facebook Group every single day. Every single member is important to me and if you’re struggling, I want to help you succeed. So if you’re interested in getting personal advice straight from Lisa and the other Warrior Goddess Body Coaches, now is the time to get onboard.

Q: Will this work in my country? I’m worried I won’t have access to all these foods.

A: Yes. We have members all over the world and you can adapt the food choices to work wherever you live.


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