Real stories from real women who started with courage and ended with an amazing transformation story.

This is Annabelle’s 6 Week Transformation Unicorn Challenge Success Story

Annabelle Blackham, 47

England, UK


I used to ‘start over’ every Monday. I tried to eat well, which mostly meant less or no carbs but I realised that something else must be at play as my partner lost a large amount of weight over the past year but what he was doing just wasn’t working for me. I became more & more miserable in myself, more restrictive with my diet and became less motivated thinking nothing was ever going to work for me now I was post 45. Could hormones be a part of this? Why wasn’t what I used to be able to achieve to shave off a few lbs working for me anymore?

Enter Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Training….. I joined the Facebook group that popped up for me…. A group of badass women who I could join and be unstoppable – hell yeah!  I have used kettlebells before and really wanted a training programme to follow at home during lockdown this paired with a 28 day eating plan seemed like the ideal solution. I signed up there and then to the Sexy Strong year long programme on Mother’s Day wanting to put my needs first.
I had plenty of time to digest the information laid out in preparation videos ready to get started with following the eating and training plan.

But that’s not all that it is, Lisa spends time explaining why you are eating as you do and syncing with what training you are doing that day to make sure your body benefits optimally from the process. At times I have felt quite emotional that the plan is working – at last someone who understands how to change body shape by eating and training the right way. The guidance is invaluable.

Training started with thorough masterclasses breaking down each move to understand its makeup. There are often posts to pinpoint where you might be going wrong with a move and how to address and come back stronger. I felt empowered to be successful in completing the training and eating schedules from the beginning.
Lisa and her team are always on hand to answer questions & queries and to point you in the right direction of where to get the information you need. But not only that, there are extremely valuable insights into your mindset that Lisa has gained over working with hundreds of women who have been successful.

In just 6 weeks I have lost inches off my body and 17lbs, I have more energy, am excited to work out and wake up looking forward to what I am going to eat.

I’m looking forward now to customising a plan for me in the next stage of the programme and setting goals for the coming weeks. I’m so glad I made the decision to join the Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Training programme and am delighted to be reaping the benefits after such a short amount of time.


Weightloss Achieved (lbs/kgs)

17 lbs

Body Measurements (cms lost)

  • Total cms lost

    48.5 cm
  • Belly cms lost

    Loss 7.5 cm
  • Waist cm lost

    Loss 8 cm
  • Chest cm lost

    Loss 3.5 cm
  • Tricep cm lost

    Loss 3 cm

Fitness & Strength

  • How Many Push Ups (total number)

    Before 20 After 26
  • How long can you Plank (mins & secs)

    Before 1 min After 1 min 13 seconds
  • How long can you Wall Sit (mins & secs)

    Before 1 min 30 secs After 2 mins 7 seconds

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If committing to a new fitness, transformation & lifestyle program feels equivalent to climbing Kilimanjaro, listen up…

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