Satisfaction Guarantee

The purpose of this guarantee is to reassure you that our program works and we deliver on our promise.

We define working as improvement in any of the following:

  • getting stronger
  • getting fitter
  • sleeping better
  • less pain and less bloated
  • building confidence and feeling sexier and bad ass
  • building consistency and discipline
  • being able to trust and believe in yourself
  • becoming more courageous and brave
  • able to set and achieve goals
  • replacing bad habits with good habits
  • learning new skills of home based workouts, meal planning, food tracking, My Fitness Pal, body building, basics of nutrition and hormone health
  • building lean muscle whilst losing fat (known as body shape change)
  • getting the body of a leading lady or actress that portrays superheroes.

This is not a “I’ve changed my mind” or “I don’t like the program” guarantee. This is a ‘it has worked or it hasn’t’ guarantee- based on the above.

The following will not result in a refund:

“I have only lost 4lbs”-  yet not shown any progress photos to assess increase in muscle mass or reduction in body fat

“It takes up too much time or too much time spend away from my kids” – yet you have not listened to coaching on prioritising your self care, meal planning tips or shortening your workouts.

“It is impacting my emotional wellbeing or triggering my eating disorder”- we are not psychiatrists or life coaches. This is not a mental health program, but rather an eating and training program which has been proven to have positive affects on mental health issues of stress and anxiety- all whilst delivering on building strength, muscle and losing fat and your superhero body.


Why 6 Weeks?

Six weeks is a great start to the Sexy Strong programme, but building strength and muscle whilst improving your health and wellness can take time.

As we encourage our clients to commit to a healthy lifestyle through our programs, remember to have patience and commitment.

You will not SEE results overnight. Building muscle takes years- adults are not fully grown until 21!

Evaluate your overall well-being along with your physical changes.

Ask yourself:

  • Have you noticed changes in your sleep quality, energy levels, mood, or mindset?
  • Have you noticed the narrowing of your waist, leaning out of your shoulders and clothes feel looser?
  • Are you standing taller or that walking up stairs is easier?

To submit a request for a refund under our satisfaction guarantee, please complete this form.

Our team will review and advise regarding our decision.

All subjective criteria will be evaluated and refunds given at our sole discretion.


To qualify for our Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee, the following conditions must be met:

Client must complete the first six-weeks per the guidelines below:

  • Client must remain positive and trust the process.  We want this experience to be great for everyone! Negative comments or negative self-image are not permitted.

  • Client must post updates every day in the group for the 28 days of the 28 day program including but not limited to their daily menu and eating plan, how they are feeling, workout update and/or food log throughout the 28 day program.

  • Client must stay engaged and active with other members within their FB group throughout the first 6 weeks.

  • Client cannot base results on weight or fat loss alone (see above). We do not base results on weight in the Sexy Strong program, but rather on getting stronger, fitter and more confident – holistic health and wellness, overall measurements, and other non-scale victories such as building muscle, sleep, mood, confidence, energy, hormone balance, digestion or skin improvements or reducing pain medications or reduction in pain or overcoming injury.

  • Client must have interacted with the coaches and the community within the group by asking/seeking questions/concerns/support when needed and throughout the first 6 weeks.

  • Client must have submitted before and after progress photos and measurements and report on their increases in fitness & strength for the beginning and end of the 6 weeks and these must show little or no improvements were made
  • P.S you can expect to lose at least 2% body fat in the first 6 weeks if you follow the eating & training program consistently though most lose between 4-6%
  • Client must remain gluten-free and dairy-free throughout the initial six weeks.

  • Client must follow eating guidelines and/or the 28 Day meal plan guide throughout the six-weeks.

  • Client has not shared program content with others (including but not limited to meal plans, workouts, food cycle, program strategy, and design).

If you have any questions, please contact the WGKBT team at