Satisfaction Guarantee


Six weeks is a great start to the Warrior Goddess Body programme, but improving your health and wellness can take time. As we encourage our clients to commit to a healthy lifestyle through our programs, remember to have patience and commitment. You will not see results overnight. Evaluate your overall well-being along with your physical changes.

Have you noticed changes in your sleep quality, energy levels, mood, or mindset?

To submit a request for a refund under our satisfaction guarantee, please complete this form. Our team will review and advise regarding our decision. All subjective criteria will be evaluated at our sole discretion.

To qualify for our Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee, the following conditions must be met:

Client must complete the full six-week program per the guidelines below:

  • Client must remain positive and trust the process.  We want this experience to be great for everyone! Negative comments or negative self-image are not permitted.

  • Client must post updates every day in the challenge group including but not limited to their daily menu and eating plan, how they are feeling, workout update and/or food log throughout the six-week round.

  • Client must stay engaged and active with other members within their FB group throughout the six-week round.

  • Client cannot base results on weight alone. We do not base results on weight, but rather on well-being, overall measurements, and other non-scale victories.

  • Client must have interacted with their certified coach within the group by asking/seeking questions/concerns/support when needed and throughout the six-week program.

  • Client must remain gluten-free and dairy-free throughout the six-week program.

  • Client must follow eating guidelines and/or the 28 Day meal plan guide throughout the six-week program.

  • Client has not shared program content with others (including but not limited to meal plans, workouts, food cycle, program strategy, and design).

If you have any questions, please contact the WGKBT team at