This change and commitment to myself has meant I have stopped downing painkillers every day

Tracy Gilmour, 45, Scotland, UK

Tracy Gilmour, 45

Scotland, UK

I was always active but a health issue meant I could no longer run or do other high impact exercise.  I also started to wonder how after all the running (including half marathons) and the boot camp sessions that the scales did not change for the better and my shape was not changing…so on and off I kept searching for local Kettlebell classes.   I always came up blank and I didn’t just want to follow stuff on YouTube so right at the point when I decided to stop the running etc I had one more look and found Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Training!  I couldn’t believe it, it wasn’t just KBs but nutrition also.  In the back of my mind I had also started to wonder if I should be eating and exercising a different way for someone who was approaching 45.
So I took the leap and I have not regretted it, is it hard sometimes? Yes!  Is it time consuming? Yes!  But has this change and commitment to myself meant I had stopped downing painkillers every day then its a huge massive YES!  And this was my goal, to make my life better with less pain, the weight loss and the centimetres from here and there are a very pleasant bonus.   Did I get the energy boost I had been dreaming of too, well no not at this point, but its just the beginning, it has only been 5 weeks and if I continue down this path then surely this dream will become a reality as my body continues to heal itself.
Am I good at keeping on top of all the videos, information (and Lisa’s requests for daily updates) that would be an honest NO, but I have years to practice and perfect this, there is no short term finish line, just slow and importantly for me, sustainable progress. “
Thank you so much Lisa and the Warrior Goddess team for your support.  It has only been 5 weeks of change but a lot has changed already.



Weightloss Achieved (lbs/kgs)

9 lbs

Body Measurements (cms lost)

  • Total cms lost

    17.8 cm
  • Belly cms lost

    1 cm
  • Waist cm lost

    4.5 cm
  • Chest cm lost

    0.4 cm
  • Tricep cm lost

    2.8 cm

Fitness & Strength

  • How Many Push Ups (total number)

    Before 20 After 20
  • How long can you Plank (mins & secs)

    Before 1 min 10 secs After 1 minute 40 secs
  • How long can you Wall Sit (mins & secs)

    Before 50 seconds After 1 min 30 secs

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