A four-minute workout is all you need to get started for you to see results in getting strong and fit.


I have women messaging me and telling, “I wish I had your motivation or energy”, or  “How do I get started with exercise?”, “The kettlebell looks really good but it also looks really scary”, and lastly, “What can I do to be fit and strong?”


Believe it or not, I was somebody like you.

I was somebody who signed up for a six-week program and only attended two of the classes. I was somebody who was inconsistent with my exercises. People who know me from 10 years ago are completely shocked when they found out I started the Kettlebell Training, became a Personal Trainer and have my own studio and teach 10 classes per week because it’s just too shocking to them!


I turned my situation all around when I learned about kettlebells.

I consider myself a “lazy-healthy” person. A kettlebell workout is perfect for “lazy-healthy” people just like me (or people who really just lack motivation or commitment to see things through) because in just four minutes a day you will see amazing results.

A four-minute workout is sufficient for you to start to see results and changes in your strength, fitness and in your body shape too because you can do 4 minutes 5 days a week and rest when you need to.


Imagine waking up, stretching, doing a 4-minute workout, shower, breakfast and away you go and your workout is done for the day.

The four-minute workout is a wonder for:

  • busy mums
  • busy professional ladies
  • ladies who can fit four minutes of exercise into their day

If that sounds like you then watch the full video below:


After watching the video, if you’re like, “Okay, Lisa I can definitely do 4 minutes of workout each day” then click the button below to get access to my top five best and easiest workout for beginners to help you be lean, strong and curvy the warrior goddess way!

Want to get started with us?

The Getting Started Toolkit access will guide you through:

  • The Beginner’s Guide in Kettlebell Training
  • The Guide to Buying Your First Kettlebell
  • The Step-by-step Kettlebell Swing

Don’t hesitate because this FREE access will change everything for you! If you’ve accessed it drop me a comment below or reach out via email, I’m looking forward to seeing your progress with the 4-minute workout.


“Super excited and happy to see and feel my body changing. It’s just about small steps, but going forward and staying strong. I’m super happy with where I am now and excited to see what more changes the next 28 days can make.” – Laima

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