Why are you a vegetarian?

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You know I get asked this a lot and there is a simple and easy answer to it.

Unfortunately when it comes to talking about anything that’s important to you as your values and ethics, it can quickly turn into a heated subject.  I have learned over the years that usually this questions comes at a dinner table when you are surrounded by meat eaters and you have ordered something different to them and they feel either uncomfortable about their choices (in terms of health or weight loss) or they are trying to flirt/tease me! (oh yes)

So, I usually preface the answer with : ‘Do you really want to know? The reason I ask is that when I give my answer most people can get upset or defensive and I really just want to enjoy my dinner!”

If said in a lighthearted, jokey manner I can sometimes diffuse a sticky situation and make light of it, or it just makes them more curious.

If prompted I then say, “I do not believe in violence against animals and I believe we are evolved enough to not need them to live healthy lives and we no longer need to choose to eat them to satisfy our own greed or taste buds.”

That’s when it usually kicks off.

So, when choosing to become a vegetarian, understand that whether it’s for health reasons, weight loss, a way of life, you may have to defend your choices.  Fore armed is fore warned.

The more you know, the more deeply you can feel about your convictions.

The Healthy Vegetarian Handbook, does just that.  Helps inform you of your choices, beliefs and what sort of vegetarian you want to be.

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