Waist Training… good or bad?

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Lisa Barwise waist training corset

Maybe you’ve seen this on Instagram or seen the Kardashians wearing them.  Not that it is an endorsement in itself but the idea of waist training is not new.

I was approached by Cinch Corsets to try and review their Active Wear Corset while I was working out and during my fitness classes and although I was skeptical at first, my mind is now firmly in the positive camp.  So much so that I am now recommending them to my clients.


Lisa Barwise waist training corset


Because they help.  And let me tell you how…

Waist training lets you know where your waist is

Most of the clients I work with at the beginning don’t really know where their core is, their hips are or feel their lower back muscles.  By wearing a corset you bring attention and awareness to these areas which means you are more mindful when exercising and can bring to get better movement and strength.

Corsets protect your lower back and abs

Clients of mine with lower back issues such as dystectomy or mums who suffer from diastisis recti find that the corset provides additonal support for healing and still allows them to exercise


Wearing a corset when exercising make you sweat more

You get way more sweaty which means you sweat out any retained fluid which reduces bloating and detoxes you system when you replenish it with water after workouts and the corset is easily washable either by wiping it down or sticking it in the washing machine.


Wearing a corset makes you stand taller

Your posture improves when you are wearing a waist training corset… no more slouching!


It stops you over eating

You are less inclined to overeat or eat foods that usually make you feel bloated as it will feel more uncomfortable.


It lifts your chest too

As the corset comes right under your bra strap and gives everything a lift in the right direction.


It feels really reassuring

Just like a sports bra for the belly!  Really the compression feels like you are being hugged or swaddled… either way it feels good.


And as long as you stay within the guidelines of starting with an hour at a time and building up to 6 hours and get measured to ensure you have the right size, there should be no negatives.  It’s all about common sense.


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