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How to Start your Vegetarian Diet

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Baby Steps

Everything starts with a choice and then a little baby step.

I think we can get too hung up on what something means or being labelled as ‘this’ or ‘that’. If you have ever thought about being vegetarian, for whatever reason, it can start with one simple meal and then maybe once a week.

I’m an all or nothing kinda girl, which comes across as either highly ethical and unwielding in my principles or just plain stubborn, but it doesn’t have to start for you that way. In fact, sometimes, dipping your toe in and giving it a try can be a pleasant experience as there is no grand announcement and people watching in anticipation.

Maybe you are trying to lose weight, then this is a perfect way to continue to eat a healthy diet but without a lot of the saturated fat that exists in meat. You could start by simply using a meat substitute. Making your usual meals and replacing some elements. Or you could be more creative and try new recipes like Chickpea Curry, Three Bean Chilli or Vegetarian Paella. These meals are featured in my Healthy Vegetarian Handbook.

Let’s take for example, eating out. Why not pick the vegetarian meal on the menu, for a change. I think it is simply about exploring ‘what do vegetarians eat’ and how is it going to taste.

What about Meatless Monday, going vegetarian once a week, a concept from or Occasional vegetarian, a blog for the ‘sometimes’ vegetarian.

Vegetarian doesn’t have to mean blandetarian. Vegetarian doesn’t have to mean boring or limiting, maybe you just need to broaden your horizons! Maybe you are actually missing out on something, and it’s not meat!

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