Eat More, Lift More, Rest More to Lose More.

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What is it about this time of year for reflection, frustration and exhaustion… it really is a stressful time and we haven’t even begun the festival ‘silly’ season yet! I have seen it time and again with my clients this month.

More injuries, colds, flu, tiredness and just plain ole lack of energy.

The irony is that so many of my clients are insanely motivated to keep going and to reach their goals and yet their bodies and spirits are just not getting the memo!

It’s like they have lost their mojo…

What this is telling me is that we are not taking care of our life’s vehicle very well.  We’ve maybe asked too much of it and given too little in return. And this needs to change.  But what is the correct way- the best way-  to do just that.

Firstly let me tell you, gone are the days of restrictive calorie dieting, skipping meals or avoiding carbs and there is no benefit to killing yourself in the gym. What used to work for you in 20s ain’t gonna cut it in your 40s (sorry but it’s true!!)

You’ve got to find the right balance of eating to fuel your body and immune system, doing the right form of exercise to increase your lean muscle, shred fat and boost your metabolism, along with increasing your cardio fitness and learning how to REST (yes I said REST) to avoid seriously damaging your body with stress and balance out your hormones.

It just means being smarter with your time, getting the right and proven information that works for you and your body where you are at now to that you are able to work towards your goals in the future.

You’ve got to take control and responsibility for what you do and put into your body.

But I am here to help you do just that!

I’ve written some blog posts these last few weeks that might really help you.  I have spent the last 5 years turning myself into a complete heath geek researching what I need to know to keep my body healthy, lean, strong and curvy so that I am kicking it in my 90s! (no joke this is my goal!!)

So let’s start your journey here in taking back control:

I am opening registration

  • With more customised focus on fatloss and building lean muscle and personalised plan, created for you.
  • This 6 Week Online Bootcamp delivers Strong… Strong mind, Body and Character.
  • Only 6 Clients accepted per cycle with 3 quarterly intakes a year.
  • One time consult with Lisa Barwise, Health & Fitness questinnaire and personalised calculated macro and exercise plan over a 6 week timeframe.
  • Daily checkins and accountability with a certified personal trainer
  • Free Copy ‘Warrior Goddess Body’ 200 page eBook 175 Page eBook and Online Portal with step by step meal plan, 100s of recipes, exercise, movement & self care videos following the female centric cyclical formula outlined in the Warrior Goddess Body Book.
  • Access to the Warrior Goddess Body Circle, a dedicated Facebook Community Group to support women in the way that only women can be supported.
  • For women of all ages and body types who want more accountability and a personalised approach.

Find out more here:

Want to know if this is for you? Then schedule a FREE 20 minute Lifestyle Consult here:

And let me know if I can help to make this Autumn and Winter the best yet!


Infinite Blessings,


Lisa xx






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