A Complete Guide to Protein Shakes

When I talk about Shakes here I'm talking weightloss shakes, protein shakes, meal replacement shakes and smoothies. So, are all shakes created equal? The answer is NO. Now I am not here to diss or dismiss any other brands, makes or types. I'm simply going to point out the features and benefits of the shakes on the market and highlight some ingredients in both positive and negative ways for you to make a more informed choice. Then I will give my recommendation based on over 10 years of working with nutrition and women's health. And in being 100% upfront and honest, I am an affiliate or ambassador for some of these brands and earn a small amount from them,  but only because I ask to be- I sought them out-  based on my research and experience so I am not reserved in my recommendations! I truly believe I have found you the best and most cost effective.   I see shakes falling into 3 categories:   1. Protein Shakes (for Pre workout and post workout) Protein shakes come in a variety of forms from 100% pure whey protein shakes or 100% raw vegan protein powders – pure for lean muscle...
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